A library of concepts for integration, federation, analytics and reuse
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Reference Specifications


Concept Libraries

A library of concepts for integration, federation, analytics and reuse.

Concepts that are common across many domains and purposes such that they may be used as needed to federate and translate information across organizations, systems and domains. Also known as "Micro theories" in logic. This set of libraries provides reference concepts intended for broad scale integration, federation, analytics, big data and information sharing. An initial library is included.

It utilizes the "Semantic Information Modeling for Federation" specification, a draft standard in progress at the Object Management Group. Many of the concepts are derived from work on threat and risk information sharing, but the concept library is not specific to that purpose.


There are currently three SMIF based concept libraries, FIBO, the federated concept library and threat/risk concepts

Note: Processes and legalities for community contributions are still being worked out. Please contact us if you are interested in participating at: concept-info (at) modeldriven.org

Copyright (c) Data Access Technologies, Inc.

The concept library is freely available under the GNU public license: https://github.com/ModelDriven/ConceptLibrary/blob/master/LICENSE