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fUML Reference Implementation

v1.3.0 Release Notes

This is a base release of the fUML Reference Implementation, conforming to v1.3 of the fUML Specification.

fUML Execution Engine

This is a new base release of the fUML Execution Engine. It includes all implementation updates from v1.2.3 and previous releases tracking the issue resolutions adopted by the fUML 1.3 Revision Task Force (RTF). The complete set of resolved issues implemented since the previous v1.2.0 base release are listed below. The list of remaining open fUML issues is available at http://solitaire.omg.org/issues/task-force/FUML14.

The following issues were resolved by the fUML 1.3 RTF:

FUML 13-1 SendSignalAction completion semantics

FUML 13-4 The fUML subset should include central buffer nodes and data stores

FUML 13-16 Introduce CallEvent, AcceptCallAction and ReplyAction to keep consistency with PSSM

FUML 13-17 Stand-alone owned behavior of BehavioredClassifier shall be possible

FUML 13-20 Error in RealValue::toString

FUML 13-21 BasicInputOutput operations for reading and writing reals are missing

FUML 13-23 EventOccurrence should be used instead of SignalInstance in execution model operation parameters

FUML 13-25 Refactor EventOccurrence to provide useful operations

FUML 13-26 Reference::equal should use Object::equals

FUML 13-27 Input parameter activity nodes should fire first

FUML 13-29 "Debug" statements should be removed

FUML 13-49 Correction to the resolution to issue FUML 13-25

FUML 13-60 Simplification to the resolution to issue FUML 13-1

This release also includes the resolution of the following OMG issue, which was part of fUML 1.2, but was not properly implemented in v1.2.0 of the Execution Engine.

FUML 12-11 (18362) Problem with ActivityExecution::terminate

XMI Loader/Infrastructure

This base release includes all updates from maintenance releases v1.2.0a and v1.2.0b, resolving the following issues, as tracked in our issue management system on GitHub (see https://github.com/ModelDriven/fUML-Reference-Implementation/issues).

Bug Fixes

Issue #28 Problem starting the behaviors of a multiply classified active object


Issue #26 Problems with SAXParser when building with Java 8 JDK
Issue #29 fUML.Library and fUML.Test packages are only used for builtin tests