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MATH 6000: Model Theory

Instructor: William DeMeo
Office: Math Building, Room 202 (but office hours are in Kittredge Central Hall Rm N252)

Office Hour: MWF 12--12:50
Office Hour Location: Kittredge Central Hall Rm N252

Lecture Time: MWF 11am--11:50am
Lecture Location: KCEN N252 (Boulder Main Campus)
Dates: 2018-01-16 through 2018-05-03
Registration Restrictions: Graduate students only
Course Number/Credits 35569/3

Course Web Pages


Title: Introduction to Model Theory
Author: Philipp Rothmaler
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication Date: 5 September 2000
ISBN-10: 9056993135
ISBN-13: 9789056993139
List Price: $79

Course Description

From the course catalog. Proves the compactness theorem, showing the essential finiteness of logical implication. Proves many basic properties of theories, showing how the syntactic form of statements influences their behavior with respect to different models. Finally, studies properties of elements that cannot be stated by a single formula (the type of the element) and shows it can be used to characterize certain models.

(A more detailed course description and schedule will appear soon.)

Grading Policy

The grades in this course will be based on each student's work on the problem sets. Roughly speaking, an A will be assigned to students whose problem sets eventually reveal a mastery of the central concepts and theorems of model theory; a B will be assigned to students whose work reveals a grasp of the basic concepts and a reasonable competence, short of mastery, in putting this grasp into play to solve problems.

Final Exam

As the material is not well-suited to an in-class, 2.5 hour writing effort, in place of a final exam there will be a final problem set that may be wider in scope than previous problem sets.

Other Resources

George McNulty's List

The following list was copied from George McNulty's Model Theory Page


Model Theory course at CU, Spring 2018






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