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Emotion Recognition Model Implemented by TensorFlow
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Emotion Recognition

Emotion Recognition Implemented by ModelZoo.


Firstly, you need to clone this repository and download training data:

git clone
cd EmotionRecognition
git lfs pull

Next, install the dependencies using pip:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Finally, just run training:


If you want to continue training your model, you need to define checkpoint_restore flag in

tf.flags.DEFINE_bool('checkpoint_restore', True, help='Model restore')

And you can define the specific model with checkpoint_name which you want to continue training with:

tf.flags.DEFINE_string('checkpoint_name', 'model-178.ckpt', help='Model name')


After training, you can see the transition of loss in TensorBoard.

cd events
tensorboard --logdir=.

The best accuracy is 65.64% from step 178.


Next, we can use our model to recognize the emotion.

Here are the test pictures we picked from the website:

Then put them to the folder named tests and define the model path and test folder in

tf.flags.DEFINE_string('checkpoint_name', 'model.ckpt-178', help='Model name')
tf.flags.DEFINE_string('test_dir', 'tests/', help='Dir of test data')

Then just run inference using this cmd:


We can get the result of emotion recognition and probabilities of each emotion:

Image Path: test1.png
Predict Result: Happy
Emotion Distribution: {'Angry': 0.0, 'Disgust': 0.0, 'Fear': 0.0, 'Happy': 1.0, 'Sad': 0.0, 'Surprise': 0.0, 'Neutral': 0.0}
Image Path: test2.png
Predict Result: Happy
Emotion Distribution: {'Angry': 0.0, 'Disgust': 0.0, 'Fear': 0.0, 'Happy': 0.998, 'Sad': 0.0, 'Surprise': 0.0, 'Neutral': 0.002}
Image Path: test3.png
Predict Result: Surprise
Emotion Distribution: {'Angry': 0.0, 'Disgust': 0.0, 'Fear': 0.0, 'Happy': 0.0, 'Sad': 0.0, 'Surprise': 1.0, 'Neutral': 0.0}
Image Path: test4.png
Predict Result: Angry
Emotion Distribution: {'Angry': 1.0, 'Disgust': 0.0, 'Fear': 0.0, 'Happy': 0.0, 'Sad': 0.0, 'Surprise': 0.0, 'Neutral': 0.0}
Image Path: test5.png
Predict Result: Fear
Emotion Distribution: {'Angry': 0.04, 'Disgust': 0.002, 'Fear': 0.544, 'Happy': 0.03, 'Sad': 0.036, 'Surprise': 0.31, 'Neutral': 0.039}
Image Path: test6.png
Predict Result: Sad
Emotion Distribution: {'Angry': 0.005, 'Disgust': 0.0, 'Fear': 0.027, 'Happy': 0.002, 'Sad': 0.956, 'Surprise': 0.0, 'Neutral': 0.009}

Emmm, looks good!

Pretrained Model

Looking for pretrained model?

just go to checkpoints folder, here is the model with best performance at step 178.

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