Best Example to learn few important concept and principle of programming.
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SensioLabsInsight Build Status

Idea to create this repository is to help developers to enhance there skills and who want to learn new things in PHP beyond average coding.

Please remember branch will be treated as Chapter.

Topics which we will cover up:

  • Directory Structure.
  • SOLID and DRY Principle.
  • PSR's standards.
  • Raw Sql query vs ORM.
  • Design patterns such as Repository, Command Oriented and much more.
  • Security Checks.
  • Tight Coding.
  • PHP 7 (Will be covered in few chapters)
  • Package building and injection.
  • Database Normalization.
  • Seeders and Migration.
  • When to build custom framework.
  • Repository is in development mode, more things can be added for more clarity.
  • Contribute to make more clear understanding of programming concept and topic listed above.
  • You can add your own topics if you need such as design patterns, but make sure example should be related to banking.