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simplify bdi check

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patrickkettner committed Nov 27, 2015
1 parent 078aeab commit 8d516915f347a120eab01fff9695a93e0372ea55
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  1. +2 −7 feature-detects/elem/bdi.js
@@ -11,17 +11,12 @@
/* DOC
Detect support for the bdi element, a way to have text that is isolated from its possibly bidirectional surroundings
define(['Modernizr', 'createElement', 'docElement', 'isSVG'], function(Modernizr, createElement, docElement, isSVG) {
define(['Modernizr', 'createElement', 'docElement'], function(Modernizr, createElement, docElement) {
Modernizr.addTest('bdi', function() {
var div = createElement('div');
var bdi = createElement('bdi');
var value = '&#1573';

if (isSVG) {
value = 'إ';

bdi.innerHTML = value;
bdi.innerHTML = 'إ';


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