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background-clip:text probably needs a new test #199

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Thanks for this test for background-clip:text. Unfortunately—it doesn't appear to work in Firefox 4.

Is there any way to detect specifically for "background-clip:text" instead of simply "background-clip"?


There should be, but it will have to be a separate, non-included test (for now) because background-clip: text is not a real value in the CSS Borders & Backgrounds spec (as of CR/15Feb2011).

Theoretically, what this test would do is the same as the regular background-clip test, but set explicitly with a value of "text", and then do a boolean verify that the return value still contains "text". Won’t be as fast as the standards-based background-clip test though.


adam, do you want to take a crack at adapting the above test to setting and retrieving the style prop?


Will do. I'll provide or new test or post back if I get stuck.


Thanks for the help, all. Would you please verify the test below? In addition, I'm much, much stronger on the CSS end than JS, so I'd appreciate a kind smack upside the head if there's a better way to do this. :)

This returns true in the appropriate browsers for me:

        var div = document.createElement('div'); = "text";
        var text ='text');
        if (text > 0) return true;
        'Webkit Moz O ms Khtml'.replace(/([A-Za-z]*)/g,function(val){ 
            if (val+'BackgroundClip' in return true;

i dont have the time to rewrite that atm but it wont get you want you want, exactly.

this is the style that you want: #137

but it's written as a modernizr patch and not a plugin.. so that changes things.

@paulirish paulirish closed this in 18702be

wrote it finally!


It seem that it doesn't work well for IE 8. = "background-clip:text;-webkit-background-clip:text;-moz-background-clip:text;-o-background-clip:text;-ms-background-clip:text;-khtml-background-clip:text;"

IE does seem to clean 'cssText' after assignation.

I haven't test the others versions.


Return a false positive for Opera 11.61

@paulirish paulirish reopened this

ruh roh. should we file a ticket against them?
can you dig into this?


I do not know much about [HTMLElement].style.cssText behavior.

I've tried this:

Modernizr.testStyles(' #modernizr { '+ Modernizr._prefixes.join('background-clip: text; ') +' } ', function(elem, rule){ 
    Modernizr.addTest('backgroundcliptext', (
        window.getComputedStyle ?
        getComputedStyle(elem, null).getPropertyValue('background-clip') :
    ) == 'text');

Seem to work well for Webkit, FF and Opera but IE elem.currentStyle['background-clip'] remain text and so the test is completed ! :s

I've not yet had the opportunity to use the other "background options" dectection features (like background-size: cover;) but, is it possible that the tests also return a false positive with IE ?

Rapidly I quickly test background-size: cover; with IE and the test is completed. A bug?

Gist for my test:


I am running into this too: Webkit doesn't say it supports it, but it clearly does (it's on the page). Seems buggy.


The test appears to be returning a false positive in IE 9.


I've just removed the test from the repo. This'll kill it from the builder (soon) too.

For now, no test exists that is reliable. I'm happy if someone can find another one.


Just today I had an epiphany and wrote on how you can fallback within CSS for background-clip: text. Feedback welcome.


Nice technique of using -webkit-text-fill-color ! Very cool.


I think i found a reliable test method, see #925

I tested it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS and IE6 - IE10


Resolved by #925.

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@patrickkettner patrickkettner referenced this issue from a commit in patrickkettner/Modernizr
@paulirish paulirish background-clip:text; test. fixes #199. ref #89. c2ddce6
@patrickkettner patrickkettner referenced this issue from a commit in patrickkettner/Modernizr
@paulirish paulirish removing background-clip:text test as it's too buggy in Opera/IE/WebK…
…it. Needs a better test. Ref #199
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