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Support for "reversed" Attribute on Ordered Lists? #422

impressivewebs opened this Issue December 01, 2011 · 3 comments

2 participants

Louis Lazaris Paul Irish
Louis Lazaris

I don't see anything in the docs or GitHub issues that mentions the "reversed" attribute on ordered lists. Can this be added? Has it been discussed?

I've written what I believe to be an accurate polyfill for the "reversed" attribute on ordered lists:

It also takes into consideration the "start" attribute. More info on these here:

Paul Irish

i would imagine its

'reversed' in document.createElement('ol')
Louis Lazaris

So this works:

if (!('reversed' in document.createElement('ol'))) { }


Paul Irish

added in 2759a52

Paul Irish paulirish closed this December 04, 2011
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