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iwyg commented Mar 19, 2012

I just spend 2 hours to track this down. After updating Safari to version 5.1.4 my site kept reloading over and over again until safari’s webkontent crashed.

Long story short: this happens only if you set your body or html element to overflow-y: scroll and apply styles to the webkit-scrollbars (see here) . As soon as there’s large content (speaking: overflow-y ) Safari is reloading until webcontet crashes.

can anyone confirm this?

Greetings, Thomas


Does this behaviour stop when you exclude modernizr?

iwyg commented Mar 21, 2012

Of course. That’s why am reporting this as an issue


So I can confirm this issue doesn't happen on windows in Safari 5.1.4, will take a look when I have access to OSX Safari.

iwyg commented Mar 22, 2012

ok thanks. Tested on two different systems, both running on 10.7.3 with safari 5.1.4..
I fear, apple screwed safari for os x. Try typing history. (the dot is important). Big fun.

iwyg commented Mar 27, 2012

So Safari 5,1.5 has been released but I still experience this issue. One note on the jsbin snippet: this must not be run in edit preview mode.


i have made much progress!!

first i can repro it. saf 5.1.5 on os x 10.6.8

and then i reduced the shit out of it.

it's something to do with when

    ['@media (',prefixes.join('touch-enabled),('),mod,')',

runs through injectElementWithStyles

that's as far as i can get tonight.

so can't tell yet whether its our bug or safari's (but i'm pretty sure it's safari's once we reduce it some more )

iwyg commented May 11, 2012

hell yea. :)
Guess it's safari's fault. Try accessing the history object by typing history. in web inspector console and safari will reload immediately.


Wow. can you report that bug??

this one still need to be reduced, but i'm 90% sure its safari's own bug.
not ours.

Actually I'm happy with reporting it with the current state. Can you report
it too?

yahreen commented Jun 15, 2012

I get it too:

OS 10.7.4

Setting html to overflow-y: scrollas well as styling scrollbar in webkit. Using Modernizr 2.5.3.

Switched back to an Modernizr 2.0.6 and the problem is gone.

yahreen commented Jun 15, 2012

Looks like it might have to do with CSS Generated Content. After I added it, I get the crash onload. Here's what I had from the custom build:



i hear this is fixed in saf6.


I can still repro in 5.1.7.

Reported it to - problem id #12061610


fwiw here is the top of the webprocess stack trace:

0               0x00007fff83a24d6f WebCore::RenderScrollbar::updateScrollbarParts(bool) + 479
1               0x00007fff836a7105 WebCore::ScrollView::updateScrollbars(WebCore::IntSize const&) + 1573
2               0x00007fff833ca2bf WebCore::ScrollView::setContentsSize(WebCore::IntSize const&) + 159
3               0x00007fff833ca064 WebCore::FrameView::setContentsSize(WebCore::IntSize const&) + 52
4               0x00007fff8345af1c WebCore::FrameView::adjustViewSize() + 156
5               0x00007fff8343962a WebCore::FrameView::layout(bool) + 2026
synth commented Aug 23, 2012

yup, having this issue too(Safari 5.1.7 (6534.57.2), Modernizr 2.5.3 Custom Build), got rid of the following line, and presto!

::-webkit-scrollbar {
    width: 12px;
aFarkas commented Aug 26, 2012

Appending a scrollbar styled body into the DOM causes this issue. I had to temporarily manipulate the @ryanseddon could you review this checkin?


Nice one @aFarkas all looks good. I left a small comment in the commit itself.


Wow. Tremendous fix. thanks @aFarkas !



@paulirish paulirish closed this Aug 28, 2012

this is now fixed in latest Safari / Mountain Lion. Unclear if it trickles down to Lion.

Hi Paul,

This is a follow-up regarding Bug ID# 12061610.   

Please update your report directly at for the fastest response.  Please do not email your updates.

Engineering has provided the following information:

We believe this issue has been addressed in OS X Mountain Lion.

The GM version 10.8.2 is available now.   Please verify this issue and update your bug report with the results.

OS X 10.8.2 build 12C54
Posted Date:  September 19, 2012

Please let us know if that resolves the issue for you.

Please provide the requested information via the Apple Bug Reporter at  Bug reports requiring your attention will appear under ‘My Originated Problems’.  Once your report has been updated, Engineering will be alerted of the new information.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us discover and isolate bugs within our products. 

Best Regards,

Developer Bug Reporting Team 
Apple Worldwide Developer Relations

Bug ID #: 12061610
Bug Title: safari reload - webprocess crash on updatescrollbarparts
<GMT09-Aug-2012 00:22:54GMT>
Summary:  some combination of styled scrollbars with javascript causes a crash.

Steps to Reproduce:

open in safari
page refreshes nonstop as webprocess crashes


Upstream ticket where we found this:

<GMT09-Aug-2012 00:22:55GMT>
'WebProcess_2012-08-08-171206-2_mbp-pi.crash' and 'MacBook Pro.spx' were successfully uploaded
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