update html5shiv to something post 3.4 #534

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I'm not sure how tied together html5shiv and Modernizr releases are, but there's a fairly critical bug in html5shiv 3.4 (included in Modernizr 2.5.3):

I ran into it via using .show() on

tags in jQuery and having them display:inline rather than the expected display:block.

I realize this would likely happen in "due course," but I wanted to highlight it in case the next Modernizr came out before the next html5shiv.



The outdated shiv in modernizr break cufón in IE8 on Windows XP. At least that's what I've gathered from the dev over at, sorccu/cufon#239

FWIW, I get weird double lettering, http://imagebin.org/205603

sorccu commented Mar 29, 2012

Would need at least r28 (vs r26 for 3.4) to get Cufón working again:


Note that even though the issue manifests in Cufón, it quite likely breaks other things too.


I haven't seen this issue addressed yet in the repo but you can grab an the latest version of Modernizr (2.5.3) with the current html5shiv 3.4 (R29) which address the issue with Cufón here:


brgrz commented Apr 4, 2012

No it doesn't, I still have the same issue as described here with Modernizr 2.5.3


aFarkas commented Apr 4, 2012

There were two commits after the 3.4 releasse of html5shiv addressing this issue (commit1 and commit2).

@jonathantneal is currently reviewing/testing the html5shiv code, so that we can release html5shiv 3.5 soon. As soon as this happens, I will update the Modernizr code.

The best way you can currently deal with this issue, is to build your Modernizr version without html5shiv and take the current html5shiv


ping @jonathantneal . we good?


@mhrovatic Are you saying the modified script I posted isn't working for u ? It includes html5shiv 3.4 (R29) which fixes the problem. It works fine on two sites I published recently.


re: @paulirish - yea we are good. @jdalton did an awesome job jumping in with all of his enhancements. I just needed a chance to look over the code, as I had promised @aFarkas. We are good!


Cool. @aFarkas plz bring the party over :D

aFarkas commented Apr 17, 2012


Yeah just some final tests :-). Hope I can do this in 10hours.

aFarkas commented Apr 18, 2012

Just updated Modernizr with the new html5shiv, forgot to link the commit with this issue

@aFarkas aFarkas closed this Apr 18, 2012

Thanks @aFarkas and everyone else involved! It'll save future generations much angst. ;)

Keep up the greatness.


woohoo @aFarkas


hous commented May 4, 2012

Thanks for this fix! Any news on when this will be available in a production release of Modernizr (2.5.4?)


@paulirish or @aFarkas - any updates on when this will get incorporated into the production release?


@ringerce Your solution worked for me. That was easy. Thanks man!!!

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