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False browser reports #617

WebPropelled opened this Issue Jun 13, 2012 · 2 comments

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Hi, apologies if this is covered in another issue or I'm just completely missing something.

I'm currently getting an incorrect browser being reported regularly by modernizr at the site

Safari 5.1.7 is regularly (about 4 times out of 5) being flagged as being chrome, or ie even on some occasions.
It's also occurring periodically for Firefox 13 (reporting as Chrome or Safari frequently) and Chrome itself.

Interestingly it seems to vary by page on the site for example:

..will return a different result to

Modernizr is in place through the WordPress plugin 'Modernizr for WordPress' but that uses the latest version (2.5.3) so I don't think that should make a difference?

JS is being minified on the site by a plugin, but I tested with Modernizr excluded from the minify & it still seemed to occur.

Is this a Modernizr issue? Or am I just implementing its use incorrectly through the site which is causing the problems perhaps.


[ Oh, other info that might be pertinent: The site is caching pages with W3 Total Cache ]
[ ... also, I have no AdBlock running. In fact it's a completely fresh install of Safari so there are no extensions running ]

Modernizr member

hi there! thanks for reporting.

Hmmm.. modernizr never reports what browser you're in, so I think you're talking about a different script.


Ahh, really? Sorry my mistake then. A bit of a presumption on my part, as it does all the good work of adding HTML classes I've gone & presumed it was applying classes such as 'safari' & 'chrome' to the Body. They must be something coming from WordPress, apologies!

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