rename Modernizr.input to Modernizr.inputattr, inputtypes => inputtype #710

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Tell me if you think this makes any sense.


  • Modernizr.input.max
  • Modernizr.input.autofocus


  • Modernizr.inputattr.max
  • Modernizr.inputattr.autofocus

It seems clearer to me, but its not like we've gotten user feedback on this. :|

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It is clearer, but if we're to change it we'll need to keep the current implementation aliased for quite some time, as those APIs have been around since day 1, over three years ago. Also, I too have never really seen anyone give any feedback—positive or negative—over those two APIs.

I don't particularly care strongly either way in this (keep or change), but I'm curious: do we know of any polyfills/shims/plugins that deal with input attributes and would break once the alias stops working?

Lastly, If we do this change, I propose this:

3.0 do the change, alias old syntax, announce future plans
3.1 still alias but start triggering a console message/warning when using the aliased version
3.2 stop aliasing the old syntax

Where 3.1 and 3.2 are flexible, for whatever medium version comes after at least a couple of months of heads-up time for the announcement + alias.


There are other HTML5 attributes that aren't specific to input fields, like hidden, etc:
Does this make Modernizr.attr more appropriate than Modernizr.inputattr?

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Whatever we can do to improve the API and make it more succinct, but of course needs a deprecation plan like Faruk has written above.

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I propose we leave this as is. Maintenance pain for little gain IMO.

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OK. let's leave as is. I don't think this idea came from user requests anyhow.

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