Fixes #486: moving core feature detects into individual files #712

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rupl commented Sep 27, 2012

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rupl and others added some commits Sep 20, 2012

@rupl rupl Moving flexbox test to feature-detects/css-flexbox.js 6a721d5
@rupl rupl Moving flexboxlegacy test to feature-detects/css-flexboxlegacy.js 8a49474
@rupl rupl Moving canvas test to feature-detects/canvas.js 137c89f
@rupl rupl Moving canvastext test to feature-detects/canvastext.js 25fec3c
@rupl rupl Moving webgl test to feature-detects/webgl.js 9776162
@rupl rupl Moving touch test to feature-detects/touch.js d3f7b6f
@rupl rupl Moving geolocation test to feature-detects/geolocation.js 9c2a235
@rupl rupl Updating flexboxlegacy test to use external method c88e86b
@rupl rupl Moving postmessage test into feature-detects/postmessage.js 35fbed5
@rupl rupl Moving websqldatabase test into feature-detects/websqldatabase.js cb97378
@rupl rupl Moving indexedDB test into feature-detects/indexedDB.js 8924f65
@rupl rupl Moving hashchange test into feature-detects/hashchange.js d04a039
@rupl rupl Moving history test into feature-detects/history.js 7d2a489
@rupl rupl Removing Modernizr global from test return values. d9b6473
@rupl rupl Moving draganddrop test into feature-detects/draganddrop.js 0efde41
@seutje seutje Move svgclippaths test to feature-detects/svgclippaths.js 1b2a255
@seutje seutje Move svg-smil test to feature-detects/svg-smil.js 044266d
@seutje seutje Move inline svg test to feature-detects/svg-inline.js 54e3ad7
@seutje seutje Move svg test to feature-detects/svg-svg.js 19f0848
@seutje seutje Suppose this isn't needed anymore. 382d911
@seutje seutje Move applicationcache test to feature-detects/applicationcache.js f16575e
@seutje seutje Move webworkers test to feature-detects/worker-webworkers.js 0ee1059
@seutje seutje Move sessionstorage test to feature-detects/storage-sessionstorage.js 39d0d22
@seutje seutje Move localstorage test to feature-detects/storage-localstorage.js ea76435
@seutje seutje Move audio test to feature-detects/audio.js f968719
@seutje seutje Move video test to feature-detects/video.js 588edd0
@seutje seutje Move generatedcontent test to feature-detects/css-generatedcontent.js 32a5d2b
@seutje seutje Move fontface test to feature-detects/css-fontface.js e848278
@seutje seutje Move csstransitions test to feature-detects/css-transitions.js b94cf67
@seutje seutje Move csstransforms3d to feature-detects/css-transforms3d.js 7348214
@seutje seutje Move csstransforms to feature-detects/css-transforms.js 7f36ef6
@seutje seutje Move cssreflections to feature-detects/css-reflections.js 956b241
@seutje seutje Move csscolumns to feature-detects/css-columns.js 33fe4c3
@seutje seutje Move cssanimations to feature-detects/css-animations.js e574d9c
@seutje seutje Move textshadow test to feature-detects/css-textshadow.js 7884853
@rupl rupl Moving websockets test into feature-detects/websockets.js aef3eba
@rupl rupl Moving rgba test into feature-detects/css-rgba.js ce9f989
@rupl rupl Moving hsla test into feature-detects/css-hsla.js 83a46d1
@rupl rupl Moving multiplebgs test into feature-detects/css-multiplebgs.js 707d66f
@rupl rupl Moving backgroundsize test into feature-detects/css-backgroundsize.js 16fb6c5
@rupl rupl Moving borderimage test into feature-detects/css-borderimage.js 188dbb6
@rupl rupl Moving borderradius test into feature-detects/css-borderradius.js 9b1eaf1
@rupl rupl Moving boxshadow test into feature-detects/css-boxshadow.js 23d9142
@rupl rupl Merging remote branch 'rupl/move-core-detects' after manual conflict …
@rupl rupl Moving opacity test into feature-detects/css-opacity.js 9dd6644
@rupl rupl Moving cssgradients test into feature-detects/css-cssgradients.js 6648ec6

seutje commented on ce9f989 Sep 24, 2012

I left these setCss ones alone, as I don't really know what to do with it. Is it worth it to expose this on the global Modernizr namespace?


rupl replied Sep 24, 2012

Yeah... not sure. This combined with my silly --no-ff merge makes me think I should have slept before "finishing" this stuff last night 😵

I guess I'll put in the PR and let them decide. Thanks for splitting this work with me bruv.


paulirish commented Oct 15, 2012

I think we should pull this sooner rather than later.

I'd like to verify our results havent changed, but we can do that before we ship this.

the immediate need is to make sure incoming PRs are against this new codebase.

sound good @KuraFire @SlexAxton @ryanseddon ?


SlexAxton commented Oct 15, 2012



ryanseddon commented Oct 15, 2012

Yep good to go :shipit:

paulirish merged commit 3114709 into Modernizr:master Oct 15, 2012

1 check passed

default The Travis build passed

paulirish commented Oct 15, 2012



👍 💯



KuraFire commented Oct 16, 2012

Yeah, I was okay with this, sorry—was busy stressing out over my H5devconf talk and totally crashed after. Awesome to see this, so much great work everyone!

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