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Modernizr - a JavaScript library allowing you to use CSS3 & HTML5 while maintaining control over unsupported browsers

Filing a bug?

  • Read this page before filing a new issue. Also details on false positives and our policy on browser bugs.

Authoring a v3 Test

  • How to write tests in the new V3 test environment

HTML5 Cross browser Polyfills

  • links to shims and polyfills that add functionity of new features to older browser. they work well in combo with modernizr's detects.


  • things that maybe cannot be feature detected.

How We Test

Other wiki pages

Server-side implementations

Other feature detection projects:

Device detection projects:

  • Categorizr modern device detection script that categorizes devices into 4 categories; desktop, tv, tablet, or mobile. This project is no longer being maintained or actively developed.
  • Detector by dmolsen

Related projects

  • caniuse uses Modernizr for testing, but its a human-curated list of features and their availability in past and future browsers. (Plus % share of browsers with each feature)
  • html5please recommends how to implement a number of newer browser features.
  • browserfeatures is a JSON document cross-referencing features and the various browser bug tracker tickets that own them

Sites that use Modernizr

Modernizr is used by projects like

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