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Welcome to the Movie File Merger!

MFM runs under Winindows 7, 8, and 10. MFM has also been used on a Mac with Parallels installed. MFM uses Semantic Versioning and is programmed in C#. At the moment it uses the .net framework 4.0.

📖 User Manuals

There are two manuals, which are more or less interconnected, involved in the whole project.

The Download & Website...

Have a look at the Movie File Merger Website, where you can download the project as ZIP File, TAR Ball, or Setup.

🌻 Basic Info

MFM supports you with the selective combination of video collections, like home movies, movies, series, or documentaries. MFM makes it easier for you to select which items are copied or moved and which items are not touched. It only considers relevant files and ignores the rest. MFM helps you to select the items to copy before hand, and hence reduces the hassle of selecting the items when they actually should be copied or moved. Movie File Merger List Movie File Merger FTP Sucker Movie File Merger Maintenance Movie File Merger About

ℹ️ MFM is not a movie database program; MFM is designed so that the lists can be easily updated once out of date. MFM is designed to run in Dropbox or as portable program, what makes it easier to share lists with other people, update the program, and store your settings and lists in a save place. MFM is also designed to work together with multiple other programs, which can be downloaded and used for free.