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Stable The MIT License

Modia3D is a Julia package that integrates a multibody program and 3D shapes for visualization and collision handling into the Modia Modeling Language. It is then, for example, possible to model the 3D mechanical part of a robot with Modia3D and the electrical motors and gearboxes that are driving the joints with the Modia language. Collision handling with elastic response calculation is performed for shapes that are defined with a contact material and have a convex geometry or are approximated by the convex hull of a concave geometry. For more details, see the Modia3D Tutorial.

Modia3D supports currently tree-structured multibody systems, but does not (yet) support kinematic loops.

Example videos:


Modia3D is included in Modia and is available, when Modia was installed. Please, follow the extensive installation guide or the lightweight installation guide for Modia3D.

A standalone Modia3D version is installed with

julia> ]add ModiaLang, Modia3D

Modia3D animation can be exported in three.js JSON Object Scene format and then imported in the open source web app three.js editor and use all the features of three.js, for example to export in the widely used glb format (the binary version of the glTF format) and use any glb viewer (for example 3D-Viewer of Windows 10).

Additionally, Modia3D uses the (free) community or the (commercial) professional version of the DLR Visualization Library for 3D simulations. It provides online animation (during simulation) and the generation of mpg4-videos. If you don't use the DLR Visualization Library result animation is switched of. Download and install the free DLR SimVis Community Edition, e.g. with .

  • Set an environment variable or add it to the startup.jl file. Please, read also the installation guide.
    • ENV["DLR_VISUALIZATION"] = "<path-to-library>/Visualization/Extras/SimVis"
    • Make sure that the SimVis executable under this directory has execution rights. For example in Linux with command: chmod ug+x <path-to-library>/Visualization/Extras/SimVis/linux/SimVis

Main Developers and License

Andrea Neumayr, Martin Otter and Gerhard Hippmann,
DLR - Institute of System Dynamics and Control

License: MIT (expat)