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YAML Front Matter

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An easy to use class for handling YAML frontmatter in PHP.

What does this class do?

This class is a PHP implementation of Jekyll Front Matter.

Any file that contains a YAML front matter block will be processed as a special file. The front matter must be the first thing in the file and must take the form of valid YAML set between triple-dashed lines. Here is a basic example:

layout: post
title: Blogging Like a Hacker

Between these triple-dashed lines, you can set variables using YAML. You can access them via the fetch function. Conversion to Markdown is optional.

How to use

$page = new FrontMatter('content/');
echo '<h1><a href="'.$page->fetch('uri').'">'.$page->fetch('title').'</a></h1>

foreach($page->fetch('list') as $key => $value) {
	echo '<li>'.$key.' => '.$value.'</li>';
$array = $page->fetch('list');
echo $array['foo'];
foo: bar
title: Test
info: you can have as many custom fields as you like
date: 2005-09-16 17:20:42+00:00
layout: post
comments: true
slug: testing
list: { foo: bar, bar: baz }
- foo
- bar
    foo: bar
    bar: baz
<h1>Text Here</h1>


Install in via Composer:

composer require modularr/yaml-front-matter

Make sure you have:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';