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ES Module Loader browser loading example
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Browser ES Module Loader

Loads ES modules in the browser via Babel just like the WhatWG HTML specification for modules.

Also supports the <script type="module"> tag with both src and inline forms.

Throws when loading bare / plain names.

See the example folder for a demonstration.

Built with the ES Module Loader polyfill 1.0 branch at

How it works

Fetches module sources in the browser, then uses Babel to transform them into System.register modules.

The loader polyfill then handles the loading and execution pipeline as in the loader spec.

This project is only suitable for demonstrations / experimentation and is not designed for any production workflows at all.


npm install browser-es-module-loader


<script src="dist/babel-browser-build.js"></script>
<script src="dist/browser-es-module-loader.js"></script>

<!-- script type=module loading -->
<script type="module" src="path/to/module.js"></script>

<!-- Anonymous script type module loading -->
<script type="module">
import {x} from './y.js';

// this case throws as plain / bare names are not supported as in the WhatWG spec
import thisWillThrow from 'x';

// dynamic import also supported
import('./x').then(function (m) {
  // ...

<!-- dynamic loader instantiation also supported -->
  var loader = new BrowserESModuleLoader();

  // relative path or URL syntax is necessary as plain resolution throws
  loader.import('./path/to/file.js').then(function(m) {
    // ...



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