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Web Performance Auditing tooling
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Gimbal - Web Performance Budgeting Automation

npm (scoped) npm CircleCI PRs Welcome MIT Licensed Powered by Modus_Create

Installation | Documentation | Contributing | Code of Conduct | Twitter

Gimbal uses industry-standard audits to analyze application performance. Continuously track performance to ensure your apps are within acceptable 🏎performance budgets.

Gimbal ❤️ CIs like Circle CI, Travis CI, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions.

Getting Started

You can install Gimbal globally using npm or yarn:

# with npm
npm install --global @modus/gimbal

# or with yarn
yarn global add @modus/gimbal

gimbal --help

Now the gimbal is executable throughout your system for any projects you want to audit.

You can also install it to a specific project as a development dependency.

# with npm
npm install --save-dev @modus/gimbal

# or with yarn
yarn add --dev @modus/gimbal

Your project should have been built in order to execute gimbal.

You can execute it via a npm script: (package.json):

  "scripts": {
    "audit": "gimbal audit"
# with npm
npm run audit

# or with yarn
yarn audit


You don't need to Configure Gimbal, but we understand that defaults are optimistic, at least for existing projects that want to introduce performance budgeting.

To ease you be ready to use, let's start with some sample .gimbalrc.yml config files:

  1. Minimal
  2. Minimal with all native audits
  3. Using other audit plugins and more sample configurations

Please, make sure your project was build before executing gimbal.

You may save them as your .gimbalrc.yml file and run gimbal.

1) Minimal sample .gimbalrc.yml config file:

  - size

  buildDir: build

2) Minimal sample .gimbalrc.yml config file running all native audits:

  - size
  - lighthouse
  - heap-snapshot
  - unused-source

  buildDir: build

3) Sample .gimbalrc.yml config file running audit plugins and more configurations:

Before executing this config file you should install mentioned plugins. For instance:

# with npm
npm install @modus/gimbal-plugin-axe @modus/gimbal-plugin-last-value @modus/gimbal-plugin-sqlite

# or with yarn
yarn add @modus/gimbal-plugin-axe @modus/gimbal-plugin-last-value @modus/gimbal-plugin-sqlite

In case you don't use build as your build directory and an exception raises with an error concerning a nonexistent build directory, please create one and run gimbal again.

Config file:

# Specify audits to run. Also include any plugins (like axe)
    - axe
    - size
    - lighthouse
    - heap-snapshot
    - unused-source

    # Only show failures in GitHub PR comments.
    # Useful to pinpoint why a build has failed
    onlyFailures: true

  # Heap snapshot settings
      Documents: 11
      Frames: 5
      JSHeapTotalSize: 13356000
      JSHeapUsedSize: 10068000
      Nodes: 800
      RecalcStyleCount: 15
      LayoutCount: 15

  # Lighthouse settings
      - uses-http2
      - redirects-http
      - uses-long-cache-ttl
      - uses-text-compression
    outputHtml: artifacts/lighthouse.html
      accessibility: 90
      "best-practices": 92
      performance: 64
      pwa: 52
      seo: 100

  # File and directory size settings
    - path: ./build/precache-*.js
      maxSize: 10 KB
    - path: ./build/static/js/[0-9]*.chunk.js
      maxSize: 1 MB
    - path: ./build/static/js/*.chunk.js
      maxSize: 1 MB
    - path: ./build/static/js/runtime*.js
      maxSize: 10 KB
    - path: ./build/index.html
      maxSize: 10 KB
    - path: ./build/favicon.ico
      maxSize: 10 KB
    - path: ./build/
      maxSize: 18 MB

  # Unused source settings
      - path: "**/*(private).*.chunk.css"
        maxSize: 60%
      - path: "**/!(private).*.chunk.css"
        maxSize: 60%
      - path: "**/*([0-9]).*.chunk.js"
        maxSize: 90%
      - path: "**/!([0-9]|main).*.chunk.js"
        maxSize: 45%
      - path: "**/(main).*.chunk.js"
        maxSize: 50%

# Locations of reports. Useful for storing artifacts in CI
  # Only show failures in CLI
    onlyFailures: true
  html: artifacts/results.html
  json: artifacts/results.json
  markdown: artifacts/

# Plugins
  # Compare metrics to last-saved values
  - plugin: "@modus/gimbal-plugin-last-value"
    saveOnlyOnSuccess: false

  # Save reports to a database. Needed for gimbal-plugin-last-value
  - plugin: "@modus/gimbal-plugin-sqlite"
    lastValue: true

  # Axe a11y audits
  - plugin: "@modus/gimbal-plugin-axe"
      aria-allowed-attr: critical
      color-contrast: serious
      landmark-one-main: moderate
      landmark-complementary-is-top-level: moderate
      meta-viewport: critical
      region: moderate
      page-has-heading-one: moderate
      scrollable-region-focusable: moderate

CI Integration

Consult with our docs for sample CI configuration files:


Docker images are available in Docker Hub as moduscreate/gimbal.


This repo is organized as a monorepo that uses Lerna. Packages:

Questions and Support

If you have a problem running Gimbal, please submit an issue. The more information you give us the faster we can get back with a good answer.

Modus Create

Modus Create is a digital product consultancy. We use a distributed team of the best talent in the world to offer a full suite of digital product design-build services; ranging from consumer facing apps, to digital migration, to agile development training, and business transformation.

Modus Create

This project is part of Modus Labs.

Modus Labs


This project is MIT licensed.

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