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Node.js backend with Docker for DPlayer(
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DPlayer node

Node.js backend for DPlayer



docker-compose build
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up # -d for run it in the background

Data & logs

Database data: ~/dplayer/db DPlayer logs: ~/dplayer/logs PM2 logs: ~/dplayer/pm2logs


mv dans.json ~/dplayer/db/backup/dans.json
docker exec dplayernode_mongo_1 mongoimport -d danmaku -c dans --file /data/db/backup/dans.json


docker exec dplayernode_mongo_1 mongoexport -d danmaku -c dans -o /data/db/backup/dans.json
cat ~/dplayer/db/backup/dans.json


docker-compose stop

Communication Groups

Telegram Group


DPlayer-node © DIYgod, Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by DIYgod with help from contributors (list).

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