Discord.js bot made for streaming different radio services, mainly listen.moe but she also has some more commands like anime search and so on.
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Code is very messy but oh well.




"token":"Bot Token",
"ownerID":"Owner ID"


npm i

If that doesn't work, do this.

npm i discord.js ffmpeg-binaries node-opus opusscript moment moment-duration-format random-puppy kitsu.js animequote

All in one line & if that doesn't do it, try installing them seperately.

Running The Bot

I wouldn't suggest running with shard.js unless you plan on having it on 1,000+ servers.

node moe.js

Run with autorestart

npm i -g pm2
pm2 start moe.js
pm2 restart moe.js
pm2 stop moe.js

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