A simple telegram bot wrapper for handling text command reply.
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A julia wrapper for telegram api (mostly replying commands consists text).

Build Status
Build Status


The package is registered in METADATA.jl and can be installed with Pkg.add, or in REPL by pressing ] add Telegrambot.

julia> Pkg.add("Telegrambot")

Basic Usage

For guide on telegram bot creation and api, check this out.

using Telegrambot
botApi = "bot<your_api_key>"

welcomeMsg(incoming::AbstractString) = "Welcome to my awesome bot"

echo(incoming::AbstractString) = incoming

txtCmds = Dict()
txtCmds["repeat_msg"] = echo #this will respond to '/repeat_msg <any thing>'
txtCmds["start"] = welcomeMsg # this will respond to '/start'

inlineOpts = Dict() #Title, result pair
inlineOpts["Make Uppercase"] = uppercase #this will generate an pop-up named Make Uppercase and upon tapping return uppercase(<user_input>)

#uppercase is a function that takes a string and return the uppercase version of that string

startBot(botApi; textHandle = txtCmds, inlineQueryHandle=inlineOpts)


  • Add Inline query respond
  • Add function to quote reply to a message
  • Add function to reply with a file/image
  • Add function to serve as a IRC-Tg bot