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Moera web client
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Moera Web Client

Read more about Moera at

Learn more about Moera web client:

How to setup a complete Moera Development Environment:

Installation instructions:

  1. As prerequisites you need to have Node.js 8.12+ and Yarn installed.
  2. Go to the source directory.
  3. Install project dependencies:
    yarn install
  4. By default, the server that serves the client runs on port 3000. If you want it to run on a different port, change the value of PORT variable in ./run script.
  5. Make sure that the naming server location is set correctly in src/node_modules/state/naming/reducer.js.
  6. Execute ./run script.
  7. New browser tab with the client in it is opened automatically. Since we don't use the client directly, but rather use the browser extension that loads it, you can close this browser tab.
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