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AIVehicleExtension for Farming Simulator 2017


I do not like maps with rectangular fields. But driving a combine harvester plus the tractor with trailer is a bit tedious in SP mode.


The Mod is installed easily in the mod folder. It is automatically added in all AIVehicles. Thus the combine threshes automatically in circles around the field.

How to

The AutoCombine Hud is opened with the key 5. The helper starts normally using the H key. Warning: You must turn on the alternative helper only in Hud. The button is in the 2nd Row far left. Is there a quadrilateral, then only the normal helper is on.

Developer version

Please be aware you're using a developer version, which may and will contain errors, bugs, mistakes and unfinished code.

You have been warned.

If you're still ok with this, please remember to post possible issues that you find in the developer version. That's the only way we can find sources of error and fix them. Be as specific as possible:

  • tell us the version number
  • only use the vehicles necessary, not 10 other ones at a time
  • which vehicles are involved, what is the intended action?
  • Post! The! Log! to Gist or PasteBin


  • Stefan Biedenstein