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About Mograsim

Mograsim is a modular, graphical simulator for teaching microprogramming, ISAs and circuit logic in a way that allows for a smooth transition between those levels.

The aim is to give students a better understanding how these layers blend in a machine, and what the purpose of microprogramming is. In more detail, Mograsim allows:

  • Programming and running simple assembler on the machine (in development)
  • Defining an ISA (Instruction Set) to use in the assembler (in development)
  • Microprogram the CPU to implement the specified ISA
  • View the Circuit Logic operating and executing the microprogram in detail

Mograsim focuses especially on the AMD Am2900 Family microprocessors in a specific 16-bit arrangement used by the Technical University of Munich as an example.

For more information and how to use and install Mograsim, visit

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Building Mograsim

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