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Lite integrates the LITE track changes plugin for CKEditor with Drupal.


Composer (Recommended)

  • To download this module fork, Lite library and opentip, using Composer template for Drupal, add these lines to your repositories section on composer.json file:

    "repositories": [
            "type": "composer",
            "url": ""
            "type": "vcs", 
            "url": ""
          "type": "package",
          "package": {
            "name": "library/lite",
            "version": "1.2.28",
            "type": "drupal-library",
            "dist": {
              "url": "",
              "type": "zip"
          "type": "package",
          "package": {
            "name": "library/opentip",
            "version": "2.4.6",
            "type": "drupal-library",
            "dist": {
              "url": "",
              "type": "tar"
  • Then run

    composer require "drupal/lite:2.x-dev" "library/lite:1.2.28" "library/opentip:2.4.6"

Manual (Not recommended, use Composer)

  • Download this module in /modules folder.
  • Download the version 1.2.28 of the LITE CKEditor plugin from and extract it to /libraries. The extracted folder must be named lite. So Lite plugin file can be accessed from /libraries/lite/plugin.js
  • Optionnal By default changes are only visible in the Wysywig editor, if you want to display changes on the view mode with tooltip support you must install Opentip library. Create a folder opentip in your /libraries folder. From, download opentip-jquery.min.js and place it in /libraries/opentip, so your file can be accessed from /libraries/opentip/downloads/opentip-jquery.min.js Note: you can remove all files from archive excepting downloads/opentip-jquery.min.js

Post intallation

  • Enable the module
  • Visit status report to ensure your Lite plugin is correctly loaded.
  • Enable any of the track changes buttons by dragging them into the active toolbar configuration for the desired text formats from the Text Formats configuration page (For example on /admin/config/content/formats/manage/basic_html).
    • Configure Lite options below CKEditor plugin settings
    • Enable the Lite changes tracking under Enabled filters
    • If the Limit allowed HTML tags and correct faulty HTML filter is enabled, add or replace to the Allowed HTML tags under the Filter settings :
    <del class="ice-del ice-cts-*" data-changedata data-userid data-cid data-last-change-time data-time data-username> <ins class="ice-ins ice-cts-*" data-changedata data-userid data-cid data-last-change-time data-time data-username>
    • Configure the Lite options under filter settings


Lite plugin default state settings are available from the text format configuration form.

After the installation, you can configure specific options form /admin/config/content/lite/settings

Some global permissions to allow roles to toggle or resolve changes for all text formats can be set from People > Permissions (/admin/people/permissions#module-lite)

Content moderation

If the Drupal Content Moderation module is enabled, Lite text format option by Workflow and by states will be available.

Prior to text format configuration you must enable a Workflow on your content type and set the Workflow transitions permissions to your roles accordingly.

Known issues

Lite 1.2.30 can cause an issue with images or copy/paste, see

If an image is added without any text it should be not tracked.

If image caption is enable, the image will not be tracked.


Drupal Lite module fork, add LoopIndex Track Changes Ckeditor plugin. See Wiki / Readme for description.




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