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Th3inspector Tool 🕵️

Th3inspector 🕵️ best tool for Information Gathering 🔎
      ⭐ All in one tool for Information Gathering ⭐

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Th3inspector 🕵️ best tool for Information Gathering 🔎




Short Form Long Form Description
-i --info Website Information
-n --number Phone Number Information
-mx --mailserver Find IP Address And E-mail Server
-w --whois Domain Whois Lookup
-l --location Find Website/IP Address Location
-c --cloudflare Bypass CloudFlare
-a --age Domain Age Checker
-ua --useragent User Agent Info
-p --port Check Active Services On Resource
-b --bin Credit Card Bin Checker
-s --subdomain Subdomain Scanner
-e --email E-mail Address Checker
-cms --cms Content Management System Checker
-h --help show the help message and exit


  • To list all the basic options and switches use -h switch:

perl -h

  • To Get Website Information:

perl -i

  • To Get Phone Number Information :

perl -n xxxxxxx

  • To Find IP Address And E-mail Server:

perl -mx

  • To Find Website Or IP Address Location :

perl -l

  • To Get Real IP Of Website Using CloudFlare Protection

perl -c


Installation Linux alt tag

git clone
cd Th3inspector
chmod +x && ./

Installation Android alt tag

Download Termux

git clone
cd Th3inspector
chmod +x && ./

Installation Windows alt tag

Download Perl
Download Th3inspector
cpan install JSON
Extract Th3inspector into Desktop
Open CMD and type the following commands:
cd Desktop/Th3inspector-master/


Current version is 1.9 What's New

• speed up

• Bug fixes