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# The MySQL Database for instances info
user: root
password: toor
host: localhost:3306
dbname: getaredis
# The Redis Server for service discovery
redisAddress: "localhost:6379"
redisPassword: "<Some Random String>"
# Docker Daemon Authentication
user: docker
password: "<Some Random String>"
# Digitalocean API token for autoscaling
digitalOceanToken: "<Digitalocean Token>"
# An SSH key for newly created droplets
dropletSSHKeyID: XXXX
# The redis instances maximum memory in MB
maxInstanceSize: 5
# Maximum number of simultinous connections to a redis instance
maxRedisConnections: 5
# The number of hours to keep an instance alive
maxInstanceTime: 12
# Maximum number of instances per IP
maxInstancesPerIP: 6
# Maximum number of containers per Host
maxContainersPerHost: 40