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Sample project to demonstrate the implementation (workaround) of raw queries in Entity Framework Core
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This sample demonstrates how to implement raw SQL Queries in ASP.NET Core. The main query is calculating the student grade.

Project Structure

This sample consists of 2 separate projects:

  • SampleWithEFCore : ASP.NET Core 2.1 with Entity Framework Core
  • SampleWithEF6 + EF6: ASP.NET Core 2.1 with data layer separate as library using Entity Framework 6


I used Microsoft sample Contoso University and simply modified it.

Get Started

  1. Start with the first project (SampleWithEFCore). When you run it, it will create a local DB because it has a DbInitialzer file.
  2. When you run the app, call https://localhost:44385/api/Students/GetScore?studentId=1 to get the grade of the student.
    * There are different APIs, you can find all of them in the StudentsController.
    The implementation of the raw query using Entity Framework Core and ADO.NET are in the StudentRepository.
  3. Now, you can set SampleWithEF6 as StartUp Project.
  4. Run the app, then click on students in the nav bar. After that, click in user details. You will find the score in the last raw.


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