SwiftBraille is an Android application (soft keyboard) for blind and visually impaired to let them type in Braille language using one hand and one finger at least, by connecting Braille dots together.
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SwiftBraille.apk Hello World! Mar 31, 2017


Swift Braille Soft keyboard

SwiftBraille is an Android soft keyboard for blind and visually impaired, available for free on Google play store. The aim of this keyboard is to let the blind type using Braille language on their Android touch devices, but not by tap over Braille dots, they can connect the needed Braille dots together to type a letter, character, special symbols as they represented in Braille codes. More details

Problems to solve

Why would I spend about %40 of my time for this free project? What about other available projects? There’re a lot of soft keyboards available on Android and iOS devices as well, they’re working in a same way, as Perkins machine works; a hard keyboard which the blind uses to type on papers using his six or eight fingers.

Those apps are good in some points, but what about small screen dimensions? specially those devices which have about less than 5 inches, how the blind would put his eight or even six fingers in this such of small screens? And if he was standing up, he should set down to type in comfortable way on his smart device as a keyboard!

SwiftBraille project comes to solve this kind of problems:

A soft keyboard, supports many languages (read about supported languages) in user interface and inputs method, the blind will be able to type using one hand and one finger at least to type using Braille language, how? By connecting the needed Braille dots together. He can use his smart device in portrait or landscape.

Classes sketch


  1. Main website - Arabic and English.
  2. How to use.
  3. Main feature: Connect the dots.
  4. Support the project.
  5. Contact me.
  6. Get the keyboard.