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ROV Android
ROV Bridge
ROV Low Level

ROV Controller Android to PIC (and Arduino)

An app that makes it possible to control an ROV (underwater Robot) via android


This project is work for Admiral Team (Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University).

This project was made for MATE ROV competition.


This project consists of 3 stages :-

  • Android controller.
  • PC Bridge.
  • PIC Microcontroller app. (Arduino app as backup)

Work Flow :-

  • Via any android phone you can control the robot via usb cable to PC or wifi/bluetooth network.

  • PC bridge handles the orders then send them to the PIC MCU (Arduino) via Ethernet using UDP / Serial Port.

  • In the PIC (Arduino) it recieves the order and behaves according to it.

  • PIC (Arduino) can send signals from sensors to PC Bridge via UDP / Serial Port.

Project Building Blocks :-

  • Android App :

      - A simple user interface consists of buttons for control and seekbar for speed
      - When interacting with UI the app writes to logcat stream
      - Written in Android Java
  • PC Bridge :

      - UI changes according to user input or robot's output
      - Contains places to show user or robot's action
      - Connects with android via ADB and reads logcat stream
      - Sends data to robot via Ethernet cable using UDP (or Serial Port in case of Arduino)
      - Written in Java 
  • PIC Microcontroller App :

      - Recieves data from PC via ENC28J60 Chip
      - Processes Data and send signals to motors/sensors
      - Sends running values motors
      - Data Transmission is via UDP
      - Written in MikroC (MikroElectronica Embdedded C compiler)
  • Arduino Board App :

      - Backup to PIC Microcontroller
      - Simple sketch to recieve data on serial port and process data 
      - Envoking actions according to sent data


Code is available for educational purposes and you may re-use it according to the terms of the license.

Project is signed under GNU Public License v3.0