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This release contains binaries and DLLs for the MOHIDWater and MOHIDLand code as found in the GitHub repository on the 25th of June 2018. The release contains the source code used for compiling and the binaries with the following flavours:

  • 64 bits double precision (x64): MOHID Water and MOHID Land;
  • 64 bits double precision OpenMP (x64_OpenMP): MOHID Water and MOHID Land;
  • 64 bits double precision MPI (x64_MPI): MOHID Water.

= Release Notes =
== MOHID Water ==

== MOHID Land ==

  • The 1D drainage network does not have to be contained by the 2D model domain anymore. It will only interact with the 2D model where necessary. Option is available for drainage networks that are not generated directly from the DTM.

  • Added time series outputs to ModuleRunOff. Changed keywords for runoff discharge tracking time series, to accommodate for general time series outputs. Runoff time series files have extension .SRR

  • Corrected MOHID River solution and added updated OpenMI solution for VS2017 Intel18, Corrected SystemInitialTime initialization in MOHID Land Engine OpenMI, Added automatic correction of irregular cross-sections in ModuleDrainageNetwork.