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This release contains binaries and DLLs for the MOHIDWater and MOHIDLand code as found in the GitHub repository on the 15th of October 2019. The release contains the source code used for compiling and the binaries with the following flavours:

64 bits double precision (x64): MOHID Water and MOHID Land;
64 bits double precision OpenMP (x64_OpenMP): MOHID Water and MOHID Land;
64 bits double precision MPI (x64_MPI): MOHID Water.

= Release Notes =
== MOHID Water ==

This version has had several improvements in terms of code and now it can achieve higher computing times.

  • Module Litter. A new module focus in the interaction of litter with the coast develop by Hidromod together with Suez Environment;
  • Add sample Coastal3D_Operational to allow users to run in a robust way Mohid Water in forecast mode;
  • hdf5 replace the binary format still use in hydrodynamic and turbulence modules;
  • Adding two open boundary reference solutions in run time (e.g. CMEMS+FES2014);
    • LagrangianGlobal: discharge and transport of sedimentsfollwoing a granulometric curve. Dynamic bottom slope. Deposition function of critical shear stress and critical slope;
  • Robust way of solving the absorption of wind waves in land cells;
  • Implement in Mohid Netcdf in 64 bits;
  • Correct a bug that did not allow run MOHID Jet with different grids and reference solutions

Several routines of the modules Hydrodynamic and AdvectionDiffusion were optimized:
Module Hydrodynamic:
• InertiaForces
• Velocity_ExplicitForces
• Modify_VerticalWaterFlow
• ComputeCartesianVertVelocity
• Modify_Advection_UY_VX
• Modify_Advection_UX_VY
• Velocity_VerticalAdvection
• Modify_Diffusion_UY_VX
• Modify_Diffusion_UX_VY
• Velocity_VerticalDiffusion
• Hydrodynamic_OutPut
• ModifyMatrixesOutput

Module AdvectionDiffusion :
• AdvectionDiffusionIteration
• HorizontalAdvectionXX/YY
• CalcHorizontalAdvFluxXX/YY
• HorizontalDiffusionXX/YY
• VerticalAdvection
• VerticalDiffusion

Module Functions:
• ComputeAdvectionFace
• ComputeAdvection1D_V2
• THOMASZ_NewType2

These optimizations were done essentially at the serial mode. Optimizations of the advection/diffusion processes, both in hydrodynamic and advectiondiffusion modules, are only done for the method TVD with SUPERBEE limitation :
( Defined at the hydrodynamic.dat and waterproperties.dat Input files)

By default these optimizations are disabled, and to activate them the user must add:
In the hydrodynamic.dat -> “GLOBAL_OPT : 1”
In the WaterProperties.dat -> “OPTIMIZE : 1”

Other Keywords can be used to enable/disable optimization of the different hydrodynamic module routines(Defined at the Hydrodynamic.dat):

All these Keywords are false by default, and all become true (if not defined set by the user) if the “GLOBAL_OPT” Keyword is ON.

== MOHID Land ==

  • added the option to have a river boundary condition as rating curve;
  • added possibility for 1D cross sections to have two connections points with 2D (e.g. 1D-2D in very detailed grids);
  • added the possibility to have 1D nodes outside grid;
  • 1D/2D connection revised and improved with the option to use a mapping file where river nodes and 2D cells connections are mapped for faster processing and use with any 1D model (e.g. Drainage Network, SWMM);
  • friction computation improved;
  • UK EPA Benchmark tested;
  • added the option to run Reservoirs with water quality;
  • small bug fixes and code/comment cleaning.