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Minecraft Forge Server software implements Paper/Spigot/Bukkit API
Branch: 1.12.2
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It is highly recommended to use the 1.4+ version to quickly resolve known and unknown errors!

We have not left, except here, all other places are fake! Please don't be fooled!

Since CraftBukkit has modified a lot of underlying layers, some of the core mods are not available, we are working hard to improve.

Getting Help

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Mohist is still in beta and you may encounter issues in using it with your server. You have been warned!


  • Checkout project
    • You can use IDE or clone from console: git clone
  • Setup
    • Setting up submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Building
    • Build the project for Linux: ./gradlew launch4j
    • or for Windows: ./gradlew.bat launch4j

All builds will be in .\Mohist\build\distributions\

If you are a plugin developer, you can add the following files to your library file .\Mohist\build\localCache\Mohist\recompiled.jar

Mohist-xxxxx-server.jar - is the server we should run it


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