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Oculus-Rift Gazebo Navigator


One of the highlights of the Gazebo 4.0.0 release is the added support for the trending VR platform: Oculus-Rift. This navigator is a simple tool that exploits the capabilities of the simulation environment's physics-engine to provide you with the ultimate virtual-reality experience in Gazebo. So simulation will no longer be just a part of development, but instead act as a new medium to demostrate your product to clients in its work environment (in the glory of full-scale).

Oculus-Rift Gazebo Navigator was featured on Gazebo's blog (Open Source Robotics Foundation).
Checkout the real AGV by Hope Technik: SESTO Autonomous Trolley.

Dependencies & Prerequisites

Core: ROS Hydro, Catkin: see package.xml

Custom Requirements: Gazebo 4.0.0, oculussdk

Other Requirements: ps3joy (Ubuntu) or osx_joystick (OSX)

Installation & Setup

See the wiki for more details.


PS3 Controller

Spawn Navigator (Empty world):

$ roslaunch oculus_gazebo_navigator example_oculus_ps3.launch

Credit: Jonathan Bohren

  • Select Button: robot mode control

    default - toggle autonomous navigation mode
    a. Hold L2 - toggle isolated-bot control mode
    b. Hold R2 - toggle mirror-bot mode (playback rosbag data)

  1. Left Joystick: virtual-camera maneuver

    Normal-bot control:
    default - walking speed
    a. Hold L2 - running speed

    Isolated-bot control:
    default - normal speed (x, y bot maneuver)
    b. Hold L2 - high speed (x, y bot maneuver)

  2. Right Joystick: robot-teleop

    Normal-bot control:
    default - normal speed (x, y bot maneuver)
    a. Hold R2 - normal speed rotation (yaw bot maneuver)
    b. Hold L2 - high speed (x, y bot maneuver)
    c. Hold R2 & L2 - high speed rotation (yaw bot maneuver)

    Isolated-bot control:
    default - normal speed rotation (yaw bot maneuver)
    a. Hold L2 - high speed rotation (yaw bot maneuver)

  3. Start Button:

    All bot-control modes:
    default – reset robot to spawn position

    Mirror-bot control:
    Hold L2 & R2 - calibrate robot's origin frame offset

  4. Up Button: customizable request 1

  5. Right Button: customizable request 2

  6. Down Button: customizable request 3

  7. Left Button: customizable request 4

  8. Cross Button: toggle "X-ray vision" mode

  9. Triangle Button: toggle "IronMan" mode

    default - toggle gravity
    a. R1 - up booster
    b. L1 - down booster

  10. Square Button: toggle "Phasing" mode

Keyboard Op

Although you can control the virtual-camera using your keyboard, it's recommended that you use a PS3 controller for a more immersive experience. Also see issue #2.

To start the controller:

$ rosrun oculus_gazebo_navigator oculus_keyboard_controller


'w' forward, 's' back, 'a' left, 'd' right
'z' rotate leftwards, 'c' rotate rightwards
To run, hold 'shift' first and then press the corresponding buttons
'Q' to quit (i.e. Shift + 'q')


Oculus-Rift - Gazebo Navigator (PS3 controller & keyboard op)






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