Mokuji is an open-source framework + content management system, written in PHP
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#Mokuji (目次) - Version 0.31.0 Beta


Mokuji is a framework that comes with several components that form a CMS. The framework is built to make it as easy as we can to extend the CMS. The 'base' components are:

  • cms : "Page" creation and management. Essentially providing the content of the website.
  • account : Login forms and user management. Allows the CMS component to create profile pages.
  • menu : Menu control. Allows the CMS component to implement menus in a page.
  • text : Creating, storing and editing text. Allows the CMS component to create text pages.
  • update : Installing and updating other components or the framework itself.
  • security: Provides security tools and settings for good site-wide security.
  • timeline: Creating and managing timelines, such as a blog or news page.
  • backup : A basic set of backup features.

For more specific components, you can take a look at our repository list. All repositories prefixed with mokuji- are components for this framework.

If you need functionality that does not exist yet, you could create the component yourself using the development documentation, or you could contact Tuxion.


Ready to rock.


  • Modern browser
  • PHP 5.3.8+
  • PDO with MySql driver
  • MySQL 5.x client API


Developers note:

Please use git config --global merge.ff false to ensure merges maintain branch history. See details here as to why.


Change log

The change-log can be found in in this directory.

Subsystem Versions

Explanation of the versioning system

  • framework : 0.12.2-beta
  • account : 0.3.1-beta
  • cms : 0.7.1-beta
  • menu : 0.3.1-beta
  • text : 0.2.1-beta
  • update : 0.5.0-beta
  • security : 0.1.0-beta
  • timeline : 0.1.0-beta
  • backup : 0.1.0-beta



Mokuji uses the GPLv3 license. You can read more about this license on Free Software Foundations website. The license is also included as LICENSE in this directory.

Commercial License

If you can not use the GPLv3 license, perhaps the commercial license would be suitable for you. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding licensing, feel free to contact us.