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Version 0.30.1 Beta


  • Fixed a bug in ?rest=cms/settings which now handles boolean values properly.

Version 0.30.0 Beta


  • Replaced the password strength check with a better one.
  • Added the jQuery.PasswordStrenght plug-in to display password strength and improvement tips.

Version 0.29.0 Beta


  • Added a CLI for actions (useful for cronjobs).
  • Added database backup functionality.

Version 0.28.6 Beta


  • Fixed a bug which caused "required" form fields to not actually be required for the empty value to make it to the database.

Version 0.28.5 Beta


  • Fixed an undefined variable bug with IP blacklisting.
  • Fixed a bug where /index.php was not detected by the LegacyUrlFormat.
  • Fixed a problem with Data->filter() not preserving models.
  • Fixed a bug with jquery_datatables plugin and it's i18n files.

Version 0.28.4 Beta


  • Added some function aliases to allow access through both REST interfaces.
  • Improved MySQL version detection for install script.
  • Fixed some PHP 5.3.8 compatibility bugs.
  • Updated CGI version of the .htaccess file.
  • Fixed problems with parallel calls using the same persistent authentication cookie to log in.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the install wizard to fail when given a configuration value with a quotation symbol.

Version 0.28.3 Beta


  • Added style to frontend editing.

Version 0.28.2 Beta


  • Updated underscore JavaScript plugin.

Version 0.28.1 Beta


  • Added external URL pagetype.
  • Added forced_template_id code to CMS.
  • Added status to curl function.
  • Fixed menu problems, by returning proper model instances with Resultset::hwalk.
  • Fixed 5.3.x compatibility bugs.
  • Removed a Tuxion CMS reference.

Version 0.28.0 Beta


URL keys

  • Implemented URL format in CMS
  • Automatically generate URL keys for pages
  • Now no longer redirects for the homepage URL formatting (stays on root)
  • Throw 404 error if page doesn't exist.
  • Improved menu module, prettier LegacyUrlFormat and url_key validation in backend.

First prototype of editable is working!

  • Added inline editing functionality (merge branch inline_editing).
  • Added LineTemplate and more.
  • Only save when there are changes, the proper way.
  • Made blog posts in-line editable.

And many bugs and papercuts fixed.

Version 0.27.7 Beta


  • Fixed a bug which occurred when trying to log in. Ouch.

Version 0.27.6 Beta



  • /account/me To get the user object.
  • /account/login_status To get the users access level.
  • Created controller factory and base controller.
  • Created SessionController.
  • Migrated user session business from Actions and Json to SessionController.


  • Added Mokuji logo to installation wizard.
  • Minor improvements in backend UI.
  • Fixed bug, so you can set a different entrypoint for front- and backend.
  • Added md5 to the hash algoritms to choose from. See commit message.
  • Fixed bugs caused by core updates and IE9.
  • Added ATOM feed based on timeline entries.

Version 0.27.5 Beta


  • The url validator rule now respects the required rule.
  • The number validator rule now validates float and double types appropriately.
  • Added two missing variables in the /rest/ interface.

Version 0.27.4 Beta


  • The new REST interface now returns empty fields as NULL instead of letting the key disappear.
  • Fixed two translating bugs.

Version 0.27.3 Beta


  • Cleaned the page manager somewhat.
  • Added placeholder to show default value in language specific website settings.
  • Now copying website title to site meta-information as well as multi-site information during install.
  • CMS settings now has select fields for themes, templates and languages.

Version 0.27.2 Beta


  • Improved page title editing to be more user friendly and effective.

Version 0.27.1 Beta


  • The /rest/ interface now supports custom errors for (Model)Validation exceptions.

Version 0.27.0 Beta


  • Added a new REST interface at /rest/ (?rest= still exists).

Version 0.26.9 Beta


  • Made some performance optimizations in the Data and BaseModel classes.
  • Fixed jQuery tmpl encoding problems, causing malformed data in most editors.

Version 0.26.8 Beta


  • Added functionality to log in as a specific user based on user ID, by using become_user().
  • Fixed a bugs in installation and update script.

Version 0.26.7 Beta


  • Security update: Improved random bits sources. Fixing several problems with weak or no random data.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Corrected a typo in the update component.
    • Setting config values using mk('Config') now checks if it needs to insert.
    • The REST interface now properly implements UTF-8.

Version 0.26.6 Beta


  • Fixed Table::count() bug.
  • Fixed install bug when tables are not overwritten.

Version 0.26.5 Beta


  • Bugfix.
  • Fixed hyperlinks in docs/

Version 0.26.4 Beta


  • Added DocBlocks to the Table class.
  • Added documentation: Using the Mokuji ORM.

Version 0.26.3 Beta


  • Bugfixes and tweaks
    • Improved compatibility for .htaccess rewrite rules.
    • Added more licensing details for the login backgrounds (see /mokuji/themes/tx_login/css/style.css).
    • Added autofocus option to the login and register forms.
    • Added target_url parameter for the login REST call.
    • Added a CSS class to fieldsets generated by render_form based on it's title.

Version 0.26.2 Beta



  • Made accounts/Accounts model better extendable.
  • Made formToObject JS work in Internet Explorer 8-.
  • Made Entrypoint Component adjustable.
  • Translations.
  • Small modifications.

Version 0.26.1 Beta


  • Bugfixes
    • Added a .htaccess-cgi file to fix a CGI problem.
    • Added the old_title key again to the core package.json.
    • The CoreUpdate class now properly detects file references with HTTP vs HTTPS and including www or without.
    • The File class leaves capitalization of file extensions alone now.

Version 0.26.0 Beta


  • Added account registration functionality.
  • Implemented a module to display a registration form.
  • Improved $.restForm by returning a form reference to callback functions.
  • Improved the PageType system with a template(key, data) javascript function.
  • Added indenting_field option with Data()->as_options().
  • Added $path variable inside plugins.
  • Improved str_max which now trims whitespace.
  • Added fieldsets to render_form.
  • Improved render_form by allowing "bonus fields".
  • Improved Image class to detect diversions from the requested operations.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed permission problem with the keep_alive call.
    • Securimage now works with the new core structure.
    • Restored the .clearfix class to globals.css.
    • Outputbuffer core class had some typo's.
    • Fixed a query in the core's update_to_0_10_0_beta function.
    • Fixed a bug with the create_file_reference_update step of the core update script.
    • Missed an update path in update component.

Version 0.25.1 Beta


  • Bugfixes in update component.
    • Fixed update bug for inserting new components.

Version 0.25.0 Beta


  • Restructured the update component.
    • New support for referencing packages by reference ID.
    • New support for the old_title key in package.json files.

Version 0.24.0 Beta


  • Core
    • Allow persistent login.
  • Account
    • Added "remember me" button to login form.

Version 0.23.0 Beta


  • Major core rework.
    • Moved files to a better folder structure.
    • Created an Initializer class to replace the init.php script and improve 3rd party integration.
    • Reduced reserved words for folders in the root. They are now /admin, /install and /mokuji.
    • Extended the class autoloader to include component classes.
    • Created an upgrade script to assist in upgrading to the new Ballistic Badger core.
  • Added new global I/O functions recursive_move and recursive_delete.
  • Fixed a bug in the Url class, you can now refer to sub-folders that have the same name as the URL_PATH.
  • Fixed a bug in the Sql class, setting DB connection data during installation now works again after PDO upgrade.

Version 0.22.2 Beta


  • Fixed a bug when installing with the new PDO setup.
  • Removed some Tuxion CMS references.

Version 0.22.1 Beta


  • Allowed FormBuilder class to be extended, switching private variables to protected.

Version 0.22.0 Beta


  • Updated core to work with PDO:MySql
  • Updated installation script to work with PDO:MySql
  • Fixed a bug in text component using a mysql function directly.

Version 0.21.4 Beta


  • Fixed a scoping problem with older PHP version in BaseDBUpdates.
  • Moved private helper function BaseDBUpdates::vtfn($version) to system helpers.

Version 0.21.3 Beta


  • Added more entropy to the generation of random table aliases. Fixes #59.
  • Added DocBlocks and better code comments here and there.

Version 0.21.2 Beta


  • Fixed a bug that occurred when setting a page as home-page via the configuration tab.

Version 0.21.1 Beta


  • Updated CKEditor to 4.1.2 (10 Jun 2013)

Version 0.21.0 Beta


  • Added option for configuring the CKEditor toolbar.
  • Increased size for value fields in core configuration tables.

Version 0.20.3 Beta


  • Fixed installing bug in Underduck template.

Version 0.20.2 Beta


  • Changed documenting tool to use phar file.

Version 0.20.1 Beta


  • Bugfix / Improved backwards compatibility in dependencies\Resultset.

Version 0.20.0 Beta


  • Added the as_hoptions function to \dependencies\Resultset and menu module in the menu component.
  • Fixed bug with hwalk where it would grab too many sub-items if the lft-rgt structure is not complete.

Version 0.19.1 Beta


  • Removed old version tags and removed references to them in

Version 0.19.0 Beta


  • From now on this CMS is called Mokuji (目次).
  • New version naming system and release cycle.
  • security component has been added.
  • Underduck theme and template have been added.
  • Added image uploading to timeline component.
  • Password reset function added.
  • Sessions can now be closed by the core to improve performance.
  • Log in form uses AJAX to be faster and more user friendly.
  • Module created for timeline component to display entries based on page settings.
  • timeline component has better date-time formatting options.
  • timeline component now has an option to hide entries in the past.
  • CKEditor now has template options.
  • The ensure_pagetypes helper now has an option to delete.
  • Themes and templates no longer are split into a system and custom folder.
  • Option to extend URL keys has been implemented by CMS entrypoint.
    • Pagetypes need to make use of this information for it to do anything.
  • New settings manager.
    • Includes website information
    • Includes CMS configuration
    • Includes security settings
  • Security changes:
    • Default permission requirements for new controllers is set to administrator.
    • Added .htaccess files to protect sensitive folders.
    • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability.
    • Improved TLS support (using security component).
    • Added a without() function to \dependencies\Data to filter sensitive information.
    • Created a CAPTCHA helper. Read more
    • Removed several unused functions.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed many translations in nl-NL (using SDK component).
    • Fixed highlighting menu items.
    • Fixed ORM model caching problems in update component.
    • Fixed findability tab layout bugs.
    • Fixed bug where timeline titles would submit multiple times.
    • Used workaround for PHP bug where multiple instances at the same time bugs some static variables.
    • Pretty URL's now have menu item ID's so menu modules and breadcrumbs switching on this don't break.
    • Shimmed the string.trim() function for IE8.
    • Fixed bug that didn't allow tx-require-admin to submit an empty url_path to init.php.
    • Fixed bug that caused ENUM datatype in ORM to be split incorrectly.
    • Staying idle in the backend no longer logs you out.

Version 1.2.0 Beta (Old versioning system)


  • Timeline component (enabling blogs) now added to the base components.
  • Translation formatting is now added, so translations can handle indexed variables.
  • New ORM features:
    • Added Table->helper.
    • Added Table->distinct.
    • Improved Table->join which now supports join conditions.
  • UI improvements:
    • Findability tabs has had a visual upgrade.
    • Added a "set as homepage" checkbox in the configuration tab for every page.
    • The active menu item is now highlighted in the backend.
    • The 'home' button in the site switcher now takes you to the page you were viewing in the backend.
  • CMS improvements:
    • Default language can be set per site.
    • Greatly improved the jQuery.restForm plugin.
    • SimplePageType now allow simple forms and datasources.
    • Implemented a CSV import helper in the core.
    • Added helper for page-type deployment.
    • Created table helpers for permissions.
    • Integrated translating with the SDK to log untranslated phrases and missing files.
    • Validation translations are now optional.
    • Implemented experimental javascript translations.
    • Added new validators component_name, jid and phonenumber.
    • Page titles can now be recommended by the page-type controller.
    • Menu-items now need a confirm before being deleted.
    • The BaseModel->render_form function can now exclude fields.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The install wizard is no longer unresponsive when saving the website configuration.
    • The site switcher did not work as expected.
    • Stack traces now display HTML tags in arguments properly.
    • String based primary keys no longer breaks the BaseModel->save function.
    • Detach page has been fixed.

Version 1.1.0 Beta 2 (Old versioning system)


  • Important updates
    • Installer bug that prevented installing completely.
    • Homepage system implemented to prevent having to edit DB manually.
    • URL parser did not properly detect external URLs.
  • Critical security update
    • elFinder remote code execution exploit.

Version 1.1.0 Beta 1 (Old versioning system)


  • Base components are now fully driven on the PageTypes architecture.
  • Automatically generated forms have the ability to detect field types based on ORM relations.
  • Upgraded to the latest CKEditor release.
  • Backend now has the capacity to include a help chat.
  • Greatly improved overall stability.
  • UI improvements:
    • Implemented a feedback overlay for the CMS backend.
    • Improved findability tab design.
    • Menu items can be collapsed.
    • New "detach item" design.
    • Added Tuxion theme for CKEditor.
    • Tuxion logo can be removed by a setting in the config/miscelanious.php file.
    • Added edit button to the admin toolbar for frontend editing.
  • CMS improvements:
    • Page titles now have a default and are optional.
    • File handlers have a filesize getter.
    • Enabled additional text to be added to text pages.
    • Uses improved image uploader from media component.
    • Better search results for text component.
    • Implemented automatically generated forms based on ORM relations.
    • Created documentation tools and started adding code documentation.
    • Added very basic validation translations (should be further improved).
    • Lipsum helper function lipsum().
    • Added shorter notation for checking if the user is logged in.
    • Added more debugging paths in core components.
    • Made URL validation more strict, fixes #43.
    • Updated CKEditor to (20 Feb 2013).
    • Menu items are multilingual now.
    • Creating PageTypes has been greatly simplified.
    • All existing base components now use PageTypes.
    • Added support for the helpchat component.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Several plug-ins had missing files.
    • Lowered check for MySQL version requirement down to 5.x from 5.0.3+.
    • Removed dependency to non-base component language.
    • Login screen no longer gives missing jQuery errors.
    • Fatal errors no longer delete session data or log out the user.
    • Page permissions are displayed and saved properly again.
    • The installation script works again.
    • REST forms now properly focus the first field with an error.
    • Removed some PHP 5.3.2 backward compatibility bugs.
    • Claiming account has been rewritten to work with the current core.
    • Account profiles have been rewritten to work with the current core.
    • Added default tx/skin.js to CKEditor plugin, fixes #36.
    • Made sure default theme and template are picked for new pages, fixes #41.
    • The New versions loaded! string displays properly again when updating.
    • Added first language title to install script.

Version 1.0.1 Beta 1 (Old versioning system)


  • Automatically generated forms give much better feedback to the user submitting them.
  • Automatically generated forms are better and support additional field types.
  • Lowered MySQL version requirement down to 5.x from 5.0.3+.
  • Updated the text editor to 4.0, making it faster, better, prettier etc.
  • UI improvements:
    • The text editor has a new skin.
    • The profile button is back!
    • New icons.
  • Many bug fixes:
    • Actually check for the required version of MySQL instead of just presence of it at install.
    • The install script can now be run from the get go.
    • The install script no longer randomly stops.
    • Deleting pages now works.
    • Pages now are properly named, instead of always being called "New Page".
    • Saving menu items, pages and texts should now cause no more trouble.

Version 1.0.0 (Old versioning system)

  • The first stable version to be recorded as a version.