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StarMash - A Mod for AirMash

Hi! Welcome to StarMash's Home!

I play as Bombita in this game and StarMash was my little creation as a hobby and a means to learn some new stuff.

So, What's StarMash?

StarMash is a Mod for a web game called AirMash. It adds a A LOT of new features to the base game. Here, I try to cover most of the features, but believe me, there's a lot of stuff!

While originally StarMash was created as a complete new skin for the game, as it evolved, StarMash also became a framework for others to create new Themes and Extensions to the game.

Extensions can be defined as plugins that other users can create and share, to add new features to the game. Themes are new skins that change the graphics and sounds of the game.

There's several extensions made by other members of our community. You can find a list with some of them HERE.

Finally, if you are interested in creating Extensions and Themes, check this guide.


Easy! Just follow these simple steps, and you will be done faster than reading this paragraph!

AirMash does not support modding out of the box right now, so, the easiest way I can think of, right now, is to download a Chrome extension called Requestly..

This extension lets you change some things done by your browser when you are loading a page. In this case, we will use it to change the files used by the game.

The Steps:

  1. Install Requestly in your browser:
  2. Download the configuration file from this link to a local folder.
  3. Click the r button, and the configuration page for Requestly will open.
  4. Choose the blue button (Upload), and select the file you downloaded, "requestly_rules.txt".
  5. You can now close this tab.
  6. Go to and hit CTRL+F5 ( Mac users: Hold down both ⌘ Cmd+⇧ Shift and press R)
  7. Enjoy!

Features and Help:

For a list of features included in the Mod, check this page.


Gallery and Videos:

Words are one thing... but this is a game!

If you want to see how the Mod really looks like, please check the following Galleries and Videos! (If you want me to add your own pictures using this mod, let me know!)


Starmash Theme v2, Video 1

Experimenting with 3D Ships


Starmash Theme v2, Gallery 1

When using the StarMash v.2 Theme, consider this


  • AirMash is pretty heavy for Macs. For some reason, Chrome has a hard time rendering the game in this Operating System, and when using the theme StarMash v.2, it's even heavier. But this can be solved:

  • If you open the MOD SETTINGS window, you can enable/disable some of the new graphics layers. The options that matter for this are under the sections:

    • Background
    • Asteroid Field Layers
    • Decorative objects
  • So, you might want to try enabling/disabling different layers until you feel your device and gaming experience is OK!


  • Windows users should be OK with all the new layers, but if you are using an old PC, you might want to try enabling / disabling layers (read the mac note above, it's the same).

How to create Extensions and Themes?

If you want to create your own Extensions and Themes for StarMash, you can read the following tutorials, that explain how to do it.


  • Extensions - Part 1: Introduction: My very first StarMash tutorial. In this article, you will learn:

    • How StarMash works.
    • How StarMash Extensions work.
    • How to respond to StarMash events.
    • How to create the most basic extensions.
    • I hope you like it!
  • Extensions - Part 2: Having fun with extensions : In this article, you will learn:

    • How to create a simple, yet funny extension that interacts with the game.
    • How to interact with AirMash objects.
    • Send bubble messages.
    • How to avoid being disconnected or banned by AirMash's server.
  • Extensions - Part 3: Settings : In this article, you will learn:

    • How to show custom settings for your extensions and themes in the Mod Settings Window.
  • Extensions - Part 4: Themes : In this article, you will learn:

    • Assets and Textures used by AirMash.
    • What files I need to edit for my themes.
    • How to build super simple themes with almost no coding.
  • Extensions - Part 5: Advanced Themes : In this article, you will learn:

    • AirMash graphics and layers.
    • Loading your own files and textures.
    • Replacing the CSS file.
    • Using your own audio files.
    • Final thoughts


Comments, feedback, questions, opinions and suggestions are welcome!

Airmash's subreddit

Let me know what you think about this MOD!

Previous Posts

For historical reasons, I also leave the links for the previous discussions. They link to some pictures that show how the mod changed over time!

StarMash 2.2 Extensions Update

StarMash, version 2

StarMash, version 1

Initial announcement (unreleased)


First of all, thanks to fivesigma, (Airmash's developer) for making this great game, and be cool with me modding it.

Also, thanks to Lucasfilms for the Star Wars franchise.

To a lot of players that helped me testing this Mod, and suggested some features!

The ones I can remember right off the top of my head: Detect, Romario, THOM182, MATTDAMON, yutru, jediMaster, Maximus, Sky Lounge, Moz://a, Linus Torvalds, Akaryatrh, Nuppet, xplay, STEAMROLLER... Sorry if I forgot somebody!

Legal and Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages that the use of this mod can cause to you, or the device. Use it at your own risk!

Star Wars, its Intellectual Property (ships, names, images, sounds and logos) are property of Lucasfilm LTE and The Walt Disney Company. All the resources used for this mode are for non-commercial use, fan made and under fair use.<>


StarMash Mod for AirMash







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