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- #446994 by sun: Added docs for verifyKeys(). Removed refreshServers…

…() workaround.
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commit 97d076288134aacbbcd50293c31453007a95f387 1 parent 7ee0af1
@sun sun authored
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@@ -1047,6 +1047,11 @@ abstract class Mollom {
* Updates a site to verify API keys and send client information.
+ * Mollom API keys are validated in all API calls already. This method should
+ * be used when the API keys of a Mollom client are configured for a site. It
+ * should be invoked at least once for a site, to send client and version
+ * information to Mollom in order to aid with Mollom support requests.
+ *
* @return mixed
* TRUE on success. On failure, the error response code returned by the
* server; either Mollom::AUTH_ERROR or Mollom::NETWORK_ERROR.
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