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Data Visualization

“Immersive Engagement Study” with Associated Press This study was about how immersive mediums affect user’s state-of-mind.

  • 12 Participants
  • different VR devices
  • Four Stories
  • Datasets: Motion Captured, EEG(Brainwave), Heart Rate

What is the project about? Visualize the testers’ motion data, and bio data

   - participants had the highest levels of open-mindedness - being attracted to a topic, but not alarmed -
     on the room-scale VR setting, while the cardboard elicited the highest level of stimulation, which is 
     associated with individuals being more attentive than they are relaxed.
            CSV. ( Heart Rate, Sentiments )
            Dan_into the blue_vive
            Dan_new orleans_cardboard
            Dan_new orleans_samsung
            Dan_new orleans_samsung2
            FBX. ( Motion Captured )

How it process : combine bio data with motion captured data different colors reprsent different emotion stages ability to compare different stories

The goals : To compare the different reactions between devices and stories.

For more details, please visit the links below Final slides - demo video -

To run this file

  1. after cloning the file, open it in Unity.
  2. and go to Build settings and set your device to IOS (I design this app for iphone 7 layout 750x1334 )
  3. In player settings, assign unique name to bundle identifier and change bundle name.
  4. hit the Build button
  5. after built, open xcode file from the file that you just created
  6. check the bundle identifier and bundle name are correct as you name.
  7. for signing, log in with your apple account.
  8. connect your phone to computer, and set to change your device instead of generic ios device as default setup
  9. hit the top left arrow key to run!
  10. while it is transfering, keep your phone awake!