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Full-stack development and startup-as-a-service consultancy, est. 2016 Montréal, Medellín, NYC


  1. Custom Flask + Jinja2 static site generator and content powering

    HTML 9 5

  2. redux-time Public

    ∞ High-performance declarative JS animation library for building games, data-viz experiences, and more w/ React, ThreeJS, Inferno, SnabbDOM and others...

    JavaScript 105 10

  3. ArchiveBox Public

    Forked from ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox

    🗃 The open source self-hosted web archive. Takes browser history/bookmarks/Pocket/Pinboard/etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more...

    Python 6

  4. solana-dns Public

    🗄 A DNS server using the high-speed Solana blockchain as the backing datastore. (WIP)

    JavaScript 20 4

  5. Forked from pirate/django-http2-middleware

    ⚡️Django middleware to automatically send preload headers before views runs, enabling faster HTTP2 server-push (with CSP support).


  6. A Python library for routing and handling websocket messages using django-channels.

    Python 9 1


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