A web server for massively multi-user online applications
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A web server for massively multi-user online applications.


Requirements in Ubuntu

To install all required packages in ubuntu, do: sudo apt-get install python python-sqlalchemy python-pip sudo pip install tornado sudo pip install websocket-client

Please note that the Ubuntu package python-tornado is not up-to-date and will cause errors in running rcat.

Jigsaw setup

After installing all the required libraries, follow these 3 steps to start the server

  1. cd into bin directory
  2. Copy rcat.cfg.example and jigsaw.cfg.example to rcat.cfg and jigsaw.cfg respectively. Configure both files with host name and mysql credentials (default: localhost)
  3. run ./runproxy.sh
  4. run ./runjigsaw.sh
  5. By default, the client in static/jigsaw.html connects to localhost. If deploying externally, modify the server URL in jigsaw.html accordingly.


  1. cd /dbg
  2. ./runbot.sh ip port numbots

Now point your browser at :8888/static/jigsaw.html, change the host name and click Connect!

Database checks

  • mysql -u jigsawuser -p
  • then enter password
  • use jigsawdb
  • select * from jigsawpieces