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Welcome to dust framework!

This place is dedicated to my primary project, a generic application framework that I have been working on for almost 20 years. The name comes from Distributed Unit System Technology, but also means that I want to keep the code size very small by replacing repetition and spaghetti with hierarchical structures.

My intention is not to "sell" this idea, but to organize my thoughts, because I have found it very useful to explain what I want to create before writing a single line of code. Alas, I have no partner on the same level of obsession as I am, so I have chosen this public way of thinking on how we should write software (check this first to see if you are interested in my meditations and plans at all).

So, what's all this about?

I have realized that all these years spent with programming, I have been seeking for the answer to a seemingly obvious question: what is programming? I am not sure how much you have thought about it, but it may worth checking my view. Especially if you want to understand the rest...

Based on this, I started to realize what is wrong with programming? Since I started, all the aspects of programming have grown at incredible speed - but I don't see the real benefit of that development. We still solve the same problems, still moan about the slow machines and the lack of resources. However, to keep the balance, I am also happy to collect what is good in programming.

The answer to the question "why" is not related to the field of software engineering - I have spent a lot of time and written a book about that. If you ask yourself how I plan to make big business from this stuff, you MUST read it to understand: this is not a business project, and I am serious about that if we don't forget this whole "money stuff" within years, we lose the chance to survive on this planet. Period. Even though I must find a way to get paid if I want to keep on working on this project.

Here I describe how we should write software instead of how we do it today. So, if you are interested in such aspects of programming, want to see my meditations, plans, and the evolving system that has

  • an implementation language independent type and instance management
  • a transparent persistence layer (from console params, config files to databases)
  • configuration based application structure
  • message based communication among business objects
  • OS independent, and later OS-less runtime
  • native support for multiple languages
  • ...

then you may have have fun with wandering around here.

Side notes

  • Most of the above list were working in my previous attempts that I abandoned for this version.
  • I am not sure whether my approach will not add too much overhead at runtime - time will tell.
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