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Allows to add algo switching support to *any* stratum miner. Zero fees.
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Meta Miner: allows to add algo switching support to any stratum miner.

Does not add any extra mining fees.

Check mm.js builtin help

Usage: mm.js [<config_file.json>] [options]
Adding algo switching support to *any* stratum miner
<config_file.json> is file name of config file to load before parsing options (mm.json by default)
Config file and options should define at least one pool and miner:
	--pool=<pool> (-p):            	<pool> is in pool_address:pool_port format, where pool_port can be <port_number> or ssl<port_number>
	--host=<hostname>:             	defines host that will be used for miner connections (localhost by default)
	--port=<number>:               	defines port that will be used for miner connections (3333 by default)
	--user=<wallet> (-u):          	<wallet> to use as pool user login (will be taken from the first miner otherwise)
	--pass=<miner_id>:             	<miner_id> to use as pool pass login (will be taken from the first miner otherwise)
	--perf_<algo>=<hashrate>       	Sets hashrate for algo that is: cn/r, cn/gpu, cn-pico/trtl, cn-lite/1, cn-heavy/xhv, rx/wow, rx/0
	--algo_min_time=<seconds>      	Sets <seconds> minimum time pool should keep our miner on one algo (0 default, set higher for starting miners)
	--miner=<command_line> (-m):   	<command_line> to start smart miner that can report algo itself
	--<algo>=<command_line>:       	<command_line> to start miner for <algo> that can not report it itself
	--watchdog=<seconds> (-w):     	restart miner if is does not submit work for <seconds> (600 by default, 0 to disable)
	--hashrate_watchdog=<percent>: 	restart miner if is hashrate dropped below <percent> value of of its expected hashrate (0 by default to disable)
	--miner_stdin:                 	enables stdin (input) in miner
	--quiet (-q):                  	do not show miner output during configuration and also less messages
	--verbose (-v):                	show more messages
	--debug:                       	show pool and miner messages
	--log=<file_name>:             	<file_name> of output log
	--no-config-save:              	Do not save config file
	--help (-help,-h,-?):          	Prints this help text

Check for list of possible algo names.

Sample mm.json (to use with xmrig v2.99.0+ located in the same directory)

 "miner_host": "",
 "miner_port": 3333,
 "pools": [
 "algos": {
  "cn/1": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/2": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/r": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/wow": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/fast": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/half": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/xao": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/rto": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/rwz": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/zls": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/double": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn/gpu": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn-lite/1": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn-heavy/0": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn-heavy/tube": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn-heavy/xhv": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "cn-pico": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "rx/0": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "rx/wow": "./xmrig --config=config.json",
  "rx/loki": "./xmrig --config=config.json"
 "algo_perf": {
  "cn/r": 90.7,
  "cn/0": 90.7,
  "cn/1": 90.7,
  "cn/2": 90.7,
  "cn/xtl": 0,
  "cn/msr": 0,
  "cn/xao": 90.7,
  "cn/rto": 90.7,
  "cn/half": 181.4,
  "cn/wow": 90.7,
  "cn/rwz": 120.93333333333334,
  "cn/zls": 120.93333333333334,
  "cn/double": 45.35,
  "cn/gpu": 13.4,
  "cn-lite/1": 288,
  "cn-lite/0": 288,
  "cn-heavy/0": 70.6,
  "cn-heavy/xhv": 70.6,
  "cn-heavy/tube": 70.6,
  "cn-pico/trtl": 0,
  "rx/wow": 821.3,
  "rx/loki": 731.6,
  "cn/fast": 181.4,
  "rx/0": 731.6
 "algo_min_time": 0,
 "user": "44qJYxdbuqSKarYnDSXB6KLbsH4yR65vpJe3ELLDii9i4ZgKpgQXZYR4AMJxBJbfbKZGWUxZU42QyZSsP4AyZZMbJBCrWr1",
 "pass": "x",
 "log_file": null,
 "watchdog": 600,
 "hashrate_watchdog": 0

General configuration guidelines

  • Configure your miners to connect to the single localhost:3333 (non SSL/TLS) pool.

  • For best results separate xmr-stak CPU and GPU miners (by using --noCPU, --noAMD, --noNVIDIA options).

  • Prepare your miner config files that give the best performance for your hardware on cryptonight, cryptonight-lite, cryptonight-heavy and cryptonight-pico algorithm classes (not needed for xmrig v2.99+).

  • If you have several miners on one host use mm.js --port option to assign them to different ports.

  • Additional mm.js pools will be used as backup pools.

  • To rerun benchmark for specific algorithm class use --perf_algo=0 option.

Usage examples on Windows

Place mm.exe or mm.js (with nodejs installed) into unpacked miner directory either by:

Usage example with xmrig-amd on Windows

  • Download and unpack the lastest xmrig-amd (

  • Modify config.json file in xmrig-amd directory this way and adjust it for the best threads performance (out of scope of this guide):

    • Set "url" to "localhost:3333"
    • Set "user" to "44qJYxdbuqSKarYnDSXB6KLbsH4yR65vpJe3ELLDii9i4ZgKpgQXZYR4AMJxBJbfbKZGWUxZU42QyZSsP4AyZZMbJBCrWr1" (put your Monero address)
  • Run Meta Miner (or use "node mm.js" instead of mm.exe):

mm.exe -m="xmrig-amd.exe --config=config.json"

Usage example with xmr-stak (AMD only) on Windows

- Please enter the currency that you want to mine:
- Pool address: e.g.
- Username (wallet address or pool login):
  • Enable hashrate output by setting "verbose_level" to 4 in config.txt so it can be collected by mm.js (also set "flush_stdout" to true for older xmr-stak versions).

  • Copy amd.txt to amd-lite.txt, amd-heavy.txt, amd-gpu.txt and amd-pico.txt and adjust all of them for the best threads performance (out of scope of this guide).

  • Run Meta Miner (or use "node mm.js" instead of mm.exe):

mm.exe --cn/r="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_r --amd amd.txt" --cn/2="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_v8 --amd amd.txt" --cn/msr="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_masari --amd amd.txt" --cn-lite/1="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_lite_v7 --amd amd-lite.txt" --cn-heavy/0="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_heavy --amd amd-heavy.txt" --cn-heavy/xhv="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_haven --amd amd-heavy.txt" --cn-heavy/tube="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_bittube2 --amd amd-heavy.txt" --cn/gpu="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_gpu --amd amd-gpu.txt" --cn-pico/trtl="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_turtle --amd amd-pico.txt"
  • To run Meta Miner for xmr-stak CPU/GPU use this command (need to create cpu-*.txt configs for CPU in this case as well based on cpu.txt with adjusted thread configuration):
mm.exe --cn/r="xmr-stak.exe --noCPU --currency cryptonight_r --amd amd.txt" --cn/2="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_v8 --cpu cpu.txt --amd amd.txt" --cn/msr="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_masari --cpu cpu.txt --amd amd.txt" --cn-lite/1="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_lite_v7 --cpu cpu-lite.txt --amd amd-lite.txt" --cn-heavy/0="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_heavy --cpu cpu-heavy.txt --amd amd-heavy.txt" --cn-heavy/xhv="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_haven --cpu cpu-heavy.txt --amd amd-heavy.txt" --cn-heavy/tube="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_bittube2 --cpu cpu-heavy.txt --amd amd-heavy.txt" --cn/gpu="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_gpu --cpu cpu-gpu.txt --amd amd-gpu.txt" --cn-pico/trtl="xmr-stak.exe --currency cryptonight_turtle --cpu cpu-pico.txt --amd amd-pico.txt"

Usage examples on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)

Get node and Meta Miner (mm.js) in the miner directory:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs-legacy
chmod +x mm.js

Usage example with xmrig on Linux

  • Get xmrig:
tar xf xmrig-2.99.0-beta-xenial-x64.tar.gz
cd xmrig-2.99.0-beta
  • Prepare configs for different algorithms (put your Monero address):
sed -i 's/"url": *"[^"]*",/"url": "localhost:3333",/' config.json
sed -i 's/"user": *"[^"]*",/"user": "44qJYxdbuqSKarYnDSXB6KLbsH4yR65vpJe3ELLDii9i4ZgKpgQXZYR4AMJxBJbfbKZGWUxZU42QyZSsP4AyZZMbJBCrWr1",/' config.json
  • Run Meta Miner:
./mm.js -m="./xmrig --config=config.json"

Usage example with xmr-stak (CPU only) on Linux

  • Get xmr-stak:
tar xf xmr-stak-linux-2.9.0-cpu.tar.xz
cd xmr-stak-linux-2.9.0-cpu
  • Configure xmr-stak this way (put your Monero address):
- Please enter the currency that you want to mine:
- Pool address: e.g.
- Username (wallet address or pool login):
  • Enable hashrate output so it can be collected by mm.js and disable output flush (for older xmr-stak versions):
sed -i 's/"verbose_level" : 3,/"verbose_level" : 4,/' config.txt
sed -i 's/"flush_stdout" : false,/"flush_stdout" : true,/' config.txt
  • Prepare and adjust configs for different algorithms:
cp cpu.txt cpu-lite.txt
cp cpu.txt cpu-heavy.txt
cp cpu.txt cpu-pico.txt
cp cpu.txt cpu-gpu.txt
  • Run Meta Miner:
./mm.js --cn/2="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_v8 --cpu cpu.txt" --cn/msr="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_masari --cpu cpu.txt" --cn-lite/1="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_lite_v7 --cpu cpu-lite.txt" --cn-heavy/0="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_heavy --cpu cpu-heavy.txt" --cn-heavy/xhv="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_haven --cpu cpu-heavy.txt" --cn-heavy/tube="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_bittube2 --cpu cpu-heavy.txt" --cn/half="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_v8_half --cpu cpu.txt" --cn/gpu="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_gpu --cpu cpu-gpu.txt" --cn-pico/trtl="./bin/xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_turtle --cpu cpu-pico.txt"

Developer Donations

If you'd like to make a one time donation, the addresses are as follows:

  • XMR - 44qJYxdbuqSKarYnDSXB6KLbsH4yR65vpJe3ELLDii9i4ZgKpgQXZYR4AMJxBJbfbKZGWUxZU42QyZSsP4AyZZMbJBCrWr1
  • AEON - WmsEg3RuUKCcEvFBtXcqRnGYfiqGJLP1FGBYiNMgrcdUjZ8iMcUn2tdcz59T89inWr9Vae4APBNf7Bg2DReFP5jr23SQqaDMT
  • ETN - etnkQMp3Hmsay2p7uxokuHRKANrMDNASwQjDUgFb5L2sDM3jqUkYQPKBkooQFHVWBzEaZVzfzrXoETX6RbMEvg4R4csxfRHLo1
  • SUMO - Sumoo1DGS7c9LEKZNipsiDEqRzaUB3ws7YHfUiiZpx9SQDhdYGEEbZjRET26ewuYEWAZ8uKrz6vpUZkEVY7mDCZyGnQhkLpxKmy
  • GRFT - GACadqdXj5eNLnyNxvQ56wcmsmVCFLkHQKgtaQXNEE5zjMDJkWcMVju2aYtxbTnZgBboWYmHovuiH1Ahm4g2N5a7LuMQrpT
  • MSR - 5hnMXUKArLDRue5tWsNpbmGLsLQibt23MEsV3VGwY6MGStYwfTqHkff4BgvziprTitbcDYYpFXw2rEgXeipsABTtEmcmnCK
  • ITNS - iz53aMEaKJ25zB8xku3FQK5VVvmu2v6DENnbGHRmn659jfrGWBH1beqAzEVYaKhTyMZcxLJAdaCW3Kof1DwTiTbp1DSqLae3e
  • WOW - Wo3yjV8UkwvbJDCB1Jy7vvXv3aaQu3K8YMG6tbY3Jo2KApfyf5RByZiBXy95bzmoR3AvPgNq6rHzm98LoHTkzjiA2dY7sqQMJ
  • XMV - 4BDgQohRBqg2wFZ5ezYqCrNGjgECAttARdbh1fNkuAbd3HnNkSgas11QD9VFQMzbnvDD3Mfcky1LAFihkbEYph5oGAMLurw
  • RYO - RYoLsi22qnoKYhnv1DwHBXcGe9QK6P9zmekwQnHdUAak7adFBK4i32wFTszivQ9wEPeugbXr2UD7tMd6ogf1dbHh76G5UszE7k1
  • XTL - Se3Qr5s83AxjCtYrkkqg6QXJagCVi8dELbHb5Cnemw4rMk3xZzEX3kQfWrbTZPpdAJSP3enA6ri3DcvdkERkGKE518vyPQTyi
  • XHV - hvxyEmtbqs5TEk9U2tCxyfGx2dyGD1g8EBspdr3GivhPchkvnMHtpCR2fGLc5oEY42UGHVBMBANPge5QJ7BDXSMu1Ga2KFspQR
  • TUBE - bxcpZTr4C41NshmJM9Db7FBE5crarjaDXVUApRbsCxHHBf8Jkqjwjzz1zmWHhm9trWNhrY1m4RpcS7tmdG4ykdHG2kTgDcbKJ
  • LOKI - L6XqN6JDedz5Ub8KxpMYRCUoQCuyEA8EegEmeQsdP5FCNuXJavcrxPvLhpqY6emphGTYVrmAUVECsE9drafvY2hXUTJz6rW
  • TRTL - TRTLv2x2bac17cngo1r2wt3CaxN8ckoWHe2TX7dc8zW8Fc9dpmxAvhVX4u4zPjpv9WeALm2koBLF36REVvsLmeufZZ1Yx6uWkYG
  • BTC - 3BzvMuLStA388kYZ9nudfm8L22937dSPS3
  • BCH - qrhww48p5s6zw9twhc7cujgwp7vym2k4vutem6f92p
  • ETH - 0xCF8BABC074C487Ae17F9Ce0394eab492E6A35658
  • LTC - MCkjQo99VzoeZQ1piDzLDb4uqNSDRZpx55
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