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SQL query produces error with MAL statements #2908

monetdb-team opened this issue Nov 30, 2020 · 0 comments

SQL query produces error with MAL statements #2908

monetdb-team opened this issue Nov 30, 2020 · 0 comments


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@monetdb-team monetdb-team commented Nov 30, 2020

Date: 2011-10-19 15:38:05 +0200
From: @sjoerdmullender
To: SQL devs <>
Version: 11.5.3 (Aug2011-SP1) [obsolete]

Last updated: 2011-10-26 13:22:04 +0200

Comment 16443

Date: 2011-10-19 15:38:05 +0200
From: @sjoerdmullender

The query that the ODBC driver generates for the call to SQLTables with catalog="", schema="", table name="%", table type="TABLE" results in an error with lots of MAL code in the error message.

The actual query that is used is:

select cast(null as varchar(1)) as table_cat, s."name" as table_schem, t."name" as table_name, case when t."type" = 0 and t."system" = false and t."temporary" = 0 then cast('TABLE' as varchar(20)) when t."type" = 0 and t."system" = true and t."temporary" = 0 then cast('SYSTEM TABLE' as varchar(20)) when t."type" = 1 then cast('VIEW' as varchar(20)) when t."type" = 0 and t."system" = false and t."temporary" = 1 then cast('LOCAL TEMPORARY' as varchar(20)) else cast('INTERNAL TABLE TYPE' as varchar(20)) end as table_type, cast('' as varchar(1)) as remarks from sys."schemas" s, sys."tables" t where s."id" = t."schema_id" and t."name" like '%' and (1 = 0 or (t."type" = 0 and t."system" = false and t."temporary" = 0)) order by table_type, table_schem, table_name;

The output is:

TypeException:user.s2_1[33]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _72:any := algebra.markT(_71:bit, _67:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[72]:'algebra.kunion' undefined in: _125:any := algebra.kunion(_124:bat[:oid,:oid], _72:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[73]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _126:any := algebra.markT(_125:any, _66:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[74]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _127:any := bat.reverse(_126:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[75]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _128:any := algebra.leftjoin(_127:any, _63:bat[:oid,:int])
TypeException:user.s2_1[76]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _129:any := bat.reverse(_128:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[88]:'algebra.join' undefined in: _146:any := algebra.join(_145:bat[:oid,:int], _129:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[89]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _147:any := algebra.markT(_146:any, _57:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[90]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _148:any := bat.reverse(_147:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[91]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _149:any := algebra.leftjoin(_148:any, _56:bat[:oid,:str])
TypeException:user.s2_1[110]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _175:any := algebra.markT(_174:bit, _170:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[173]:'algebra.kunion' undefined in: _258:any := algebra.kunion(_257:bat[:oid,:oid], _175:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[174]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _259:any := algebra.markT(_258:any, _169:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[175]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _260:any := bat.reverse(_259:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[176]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _261:any := algebra.leftjoin(_260:any, _168:bat[:oid,:int])
TypeException:user.s2_1[177]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _262:any := bat.reverse(_261:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[178]:'algebra.join' undefined in: _263:any := algebra.join(_145:bat[:oid,:int], _262:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[179]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _264:any := algebra.markT(_263:any, _155:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[180]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _265:any := bat.reverse(_264:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[181]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _266:any := algebra.leftjoin(_265:any, _56:bat[:oid,:str])
TypeException:user.s2_1[183]:'bat.append' undefined in: _270:any := bat.append(_267:bat[:oid,:str], _266:any, _271:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[184]:'bat.append' undefined in: _272:any := bat.append(_270:any, _149:any, _271:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[185]:'algebra.project' undefined in: _273:any := algebra.project(_272:any, _33:str)
TypeException:user.s2_1[201]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _294:any := algebra.leftjoin(_127:any, _95:bat[:oid,:str])
TypeException:user.s2_1[203]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _296:any := bat.reverse(_146:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[204]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _297:any := algebra.markT(_296:any, _295:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[205]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _298:any := bat.reverse(_297:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[206]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _299:any := algebra.leftjoin(_298:any, _294:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[213]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _306:any := algebra.leftjoin(_260:any, _207:bat[:oid,:str])
TypeException:user.s2_1[215]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _309:any := bat.reverse(_263:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[216]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _310:any := algebra.markT(_309:any, _307:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[217]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _311:any := bat.reverse(_310:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[218]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _312:any := algebra.leftjoin(_311:any, _306:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[220]:'bat.append' undefined in: _316:any := bat.append(_313:bat[:oid,:str], _312:any, _317:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[221]:'bat.append' undefined in: _318:any := bat.append(_316:any, _299:any, _317:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[237]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _340:any := algebra.leftjoin(_127:any, _105:bat[:oid,:sht])
TypeException:user.s2_1[238]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _341:any := algebra.leftjoin(_298:any, _340:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[248]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _351:any := algebra.leftjoin(_260:any, _350:bat[:oid,:sht])
TypeException:user.s2_1[249]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _352:any := algebra.leftjoin(_311:any, _351:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[251]:'bat.append' undefined in: _356:any := bat.append(_353:bat[:oid,:sht], _352:any, _357:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[252]:'bat.append' undefined in: _358:any := bat.append(_356:any, _341:any, _357:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[268]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _382:any := algebra.leftjoin(_127:any, _378:bat[:oid,:bit])
TypeException:user.s2_1[269]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _383:any := algebra.leftjoin(_298:any, _382:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[282]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _399:any := algebra.leftjoin(_260:any, _398:bat[:oid,:bit])
TypeException:user.s2_1[283]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _400:any := algebra.leftjoin(_311:any, _399:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[285]:'bat.append' undefined in: _404:any := bat.append(_401:bat[:oid,:bit], _400:any, _405:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[286]:'bat.append' undefined in: _406:any := bat.append(_404:any, _383:any, _405:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[302]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _428:any := algebra.leftjoin(_127:any, _119:bat[:oid,:int])
TypeException:user.s2_1[303]:'algebra.project' undefined in: _429:any := algebra.project(_428:any, _426:bte)
TypeException:user.s2_1[304]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _430:any := algebra.leftjoin(_298:any, _429:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[312]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _439:any := algebra.leftjoin(_260:any, _252:bat[:oid,:int])
TypeException:user.s2_1[313]:'algebra.project' undefined in: _440:any := algebra.project(_439:any, _437:bte)
TypeException:user.s2_1[314]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _441:any := algebra.leftjoin(_311:any, _440:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[316]:'bat.append' undefined in: _445:any := bat.append(_442:bat[:oid,:bte], _441:any, _446:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[317]:'bat.append' undefined in: _447:any := bat.append(_445:any, _430:any, _446:bit)
TypeException:user.s2_1[403]:'group.refine' undefined in: _559:any := group.refine(_558:bat[:oid,:str], _272:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[404]:'group.refine' undefined in: _560:any := group.refine(_559:any, _318:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[405]:'algebra.markT' undefined in: _561:any := algebra.markT(_560:any, _274:oid)
TypeException:user.s2_1[406]:'bat.reverse' undefined in: _562:any := bat.reverse(_561:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[407]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _563:any := algebra.leftjoin(_562:any, _273:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[410]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _568:any := algebra.leftjoin(_562:any, _272:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[413]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _573:any := algebra.leftjoin(_562:any, _318:any)
TypeException:user.s2_1[415]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _576:any := algebra.leftjoin(_562:any, _557:bat[:oid,:str])
TypeException:user.s2_1[422]:'algebra.project' undefined in: _587:any := algebra.project(_272:any, _584:str)
TypeException:user.s2_1[423]:'algebra.leftjoin' undefined in: _588:any := algebra.leftjoin(_562:any, _587:any)
SQLException:SQLengine:Program contains errors

Comment 16444

Date: 2011-10-19 16:01:01 +0200
From: @sjoerdmullender

The problem disappears when the last conjunct is rewritten to
(t."type" = 0 and t."system" = false and t."temporary" = 0)
i.e. removing the 1 = 0 part. This was there to ease generation of the query.

Comment 16445

Date: 2011-10-19 16:06:11 +0200
From: @sjoerdmullender

Changeset 1cf953b04968 made by Sjoerd Mullender in the MonetDB repo, refers to this bug.

For complete details, see http//devmonetdborg/hg/MonetDB?cmd=changeset;node=1cf953b04968

Changeset description:

Remove the "1 = 0 or" part of the generated conjunct for SQLTables.
By removing this part, the SQLTables query works.
This works around the problem in bug #2908.

Comment 16448

Date: 2011-10-20 09:15:14 +0200
From: @sjoerdmullender

Changeset cd853280fc14 made by Sjoerd Mullender in the MonetDB repo, refers to this bug.

For complete details, see http//devmonetdborg/hg/MonetDB?cmd=changeset;node=cd853280fc14

Changeset description:

Added changelog message for bug #2908.

Comment 16453

Date: 2011-10-20 17:07:21 +0200
From: @njnes

Changeset 9cc9850043c1 made by Niels Nes in the MonetDB repo, refers to this bug.

For complete details, see http//devmonetdborg/hg/MonetDB?cmd=changeset;node=9cc9850043c1

Changeset description:

fixed bug #2908, handle predicate in relselect properly

Comment 16455

Date: 2011-10-20 17:27:05 +0200
From: @sjoerdmullender

Changeset 8fc79f20d6ef made by Sjoerd Mullender in the MonetDB repo, refers to this bug.

For complete details, see http//devmonetdborg/hg/MonetDB?cmd=changeset;node=8fc79f20d6ef

Changeset description:

Changed test for bug #2908 so that it also works in isolation.

Comment 16456

Date: 2011-10-20 17:28:36 +0200
From: @sjoerdmullender

It looks like the bug is now really fixed.

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