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MoneyByte Release Tree [![GitHub version](](
MoneyByte is a PoW (NeoScrypt) / PoS / Master Node hybrid cryptocurrency, with a 5 million coin maximum supply, which is generated at a slower rate every 1 Million MON, until it's limit is reached. Master Node cost 50,000 MON, block size is 20MB, and block time is ~2Minutes.
The block production is 50% PoW and 50% PoS, of which each PoS block is split between Masternode and Staker evenly.
Block Spacing: 120 Seconds
Maturity: 15 Blocks
Stake Minimum Age: 30 Minutes
Default Main-Net Network Ports:
Port: 7777
RPC Port: 7778
LiveNet Explorer: --
Alternative (3rd party explorer): Chainz --
BitcoinTalk Announcement:
White Paper:
Exchanges MON is available on (as of 5/30/2018): Cryptopia, CoinExchange, CryptoBridge, Wadax and CryptalDash Exchange
For compiling on different architectures, see the docs/build-*os* documents. Otherwise, view releases page for windows qt-wallets.
IC is dependent upon libsecp256k1 by sipa, the sources for which can be found here:
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