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Version 1.1.4
Added pagination option to skip to first/last
Bugfix: corrected security vulnerabilities
Bugfix: all stats() results now display correctly
Bugfix: enabled searching for URI-reserved chars
Removed GoChat (project no longer active)
Version 1.1.3
Added support for MongoClient connection manager
Made phpMoAdmin SSL-friendly
Version 1.1.2
Added GoChat
Version 1.1.1
Added simple-gray theme (thank you Xeoncross)
Version 1.1.0
Added import/export of data in JSON format
Updated all formHelper methods and get::url() to the improved versions in the current Vork core
Version 1.0.9
Added ability to limit usage to a whitelist of databases (ignoring any others on the same server)
Added REPLICA_SET option
Switched default theme to trontastic (in response to user-feedback)
Version 1.0.8
Added explicit typecasting to search and automated numeric-search typecasting
Added $natural sorting option
Version 1.0.7
Added search for exact-text, text with * wildcards, regex or JSON (with Mongo-operators enabled)
Added query via JSON or PHP-array
Added rename collection
Set destructive actions to not repeat upon page-refresh
Added application bit-depths to stats
Version 1.0.6
Added object-result pagination support with adjustable limit
Added display of object counts to list of collections
Version 1.0.5
Minor enhancements to increase universality of configuration-free operation
Version 1.0.4
Added design themes and set original design into classic theme
Replaced all JavaScript confirm() boxes with on-page modal confirms
Version 1.0.3
Added sorting of data objects
Added auto-focus to login box in login form
Added display of the number of data objects in a collection
Added row/result-numbers to lists of databases, collections, indexes and collection-data objects.
Improved stats output
Version 1.0.2
Added stats feature
Added display of database sizes
Version 1.0.1
Added support for remote & authenticated connections
Added exceptions-to-be-thrown when connection to Mongo cannot be established (includes instructions on how to fix issue)
Version 1.0.0
Initial stable release