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phpMoAdmin – MongoDB administration tool for PHP

Built on a stripped-down version of the Vork high-performance framework for PHP


  • Nothing to configure – place the moadmin.php file anywhere on your web site and it just works!
  • Fast AJAX-based XHTML 1.1 interface operates consistently in every browser!
  • Self-contained in a single 110kb file!
  • Works on any version of PHP5 with the MongoDB NoSQL database installed & running.
  • Option to enable password-protection for one or more users
    • To activate protection, just add the username-password(s) to the array at the top of the file.
  • E_STRICT PHP code is formatted to the Zend Framework coding standards
    • Fully-documented in the phpDocumentor DocBlock standard.
  • All textareas can be resized by dragging/stretching the lower-right corner.
  • Free & open-source! Release under the GPLv3 FOSS license!


  • Database
    o List
    o Create/drop
    o Repair
  • Collection
    o Show collections
    o Create/drop collection
    o List indexes
    o Create/drop indexes
    • multiple keys
    • ascending/descending
    • unique index
  • Data objects
    o Show objects with 3-different viewing options (full, compact & uniform)
    o Create/delete objects
    o Edit object data
  • Mongo GridFS
    o GridFS objects automatically link GridFS chunks to GridFS files

ToDo List

  • Save data into Mongo GridFS & add/edit objects containing MongoBinData (Mongo binary data objects)
  • Add support for editing data objects that contain unserialized PHP objects
  • Edit nested objects without touching the parent
  • Add an “explain” option to query results
  • Clone or rename a database
  • Copy a collection
  • Add 1-step ability to change the _id (currently 2-steps, save object after changing _id, then delete old object)
  • Add administration features for replication, sharding, etc.
  • Add ability to edit data objects in JSON form
  • Add ability to limit fields returned within the resultset