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Text Search

After MongoDB 2.4 version, supports search documents by text indexes.

Defining a Document with text index

Use the $ prefix to set a text index, Look the declaration:

class News(Document):
    title = StringField()
    content = StringField()
    is_active = BooleanField()

    meta = {'indexes': [
        {'fields': ['$title', "$content"],
         'default_language': 'english',
         'weights': {'title': 10, 'content': 2}


Saving a document:

News(title="Using mongodb text search",
     content="Testing text search").save()

News(title="MongoEngine 0.9 released",
     content="Various improvements").save()

Next, start a text search using :attr:`QuerySet.search_text` method:

document = News.objects.search_text('testing').first()
document.title # may be: "Using mongodb text search"

document = News.objects.search_text('released').first()
document.title # may be: "MongoEngine 0.9 released"

Ordering by text score

objects = News.objects.search_text('mongo').order_by('$text_score')