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Mongoengine runs validate also on non changed fields before saving. #208

tabdulradi opened this Issue January 03, 2013 · 1 comment

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Tamer Mohammed Abdul-Radi Sriram Velamur
Tamer Mohammed Abdul-Radi
class User(Resource):
    state = IntField(required=True)
    name = SmallStringField(required=True)

u = User()
u.state = 1 = "Tamer"

u1 = User.objects.only('name').first() = "Radian" # Fails because state is required

Mongoengine runs validate on all fields before save, even if there they are not changed. Which cases the above problem. I suggest save should validate changed fields only in case of partial documents.

I am running the stable Mongoengine version from pip.

Sriram Velamur

@rozza I gather that this issue has been grouped under Features we are not sure of but any updates on what has been planned ? :)

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